French Muslims try to victimize 'driving while veiled' polygamy incident

VICTIMS OR SCAMMERS? A female driver in France is fined by police for wearing an Islamic face covering while driving. Her husband who has 4 wives and 12 kids, each of whom collects welfare, is accused of polygamy and may have his nationality revoked.

I say throw all 17 of these Muslim leeches out of the country.

A 31-year old French woman was fined for wearing a niqab while driving, a black niqab, that covers the face but leaves the eyes exposed. Police handed her a 22-euro ($29) fine, saying her clothing posed a « safety risk » to her driving.

But the incident has now reached ministerial level. The Interior Minister requested the Immigration Minister look into revoking the French nationality of the driver’s husband as information he possessed showed the man was a polygamist married to four women with 12 children.

“Each of these women benefit from single parent benefits and … each one wears the full veil,” Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said in the letter seen by Reuters, adding he had asked the local authorities to look into possible benefit fraud.

The Association of Nantes Mosques considers that the decision to detain and fine a woman for driving in a full Islamic veil is a judicial procedure. It should in no way be turned into a political affair or a debate on Islam,” the statement said.

“Once again, Muslims and Islam are the victims of a wave of media frenzy surrounding a minor, insignificant incident which does not represent the beliefs or lifestyle of the vast majority of Muslims living in France,” the statement went on to say, adding: “We are concerned about this systematic stigmatisation, which goes against the fundamental values of the Republic.”