Islamic Terror Group HAMAS video threatens to kill Israeli soldier kidnapped 3 years ago

Hamas has released a cartoon depicting the sad, elderly father of captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, mourning his son in a bid to pile pressure on Israel to exchange Shalit for thousands of Palestinian prisoners.

The three-minute three-dimensional cartoon depicts the father of captured soldier Gilad Shalit visibly aging as he walks through empty city streets past billboards of former and future Israeli leaders vowing to free his son.

Noam Shalit, father of Gilad

In the end the soldier is shown returned in a flag-draped coffin as part of a prisoner exchange, just before his father, Noam Shalit, wakes up from the dream and realises there is still time to bring his son back alive. “If Zionist society wants Shalit to be returned safely, its government must pay the price by releasing Palestinian prisoners,” it said.

Shalit, now 23, was captured in June 2006 by Hamas and two smaller armed groups in a deadly cross-border raid, and is believed to be held in a secret location somewhere in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Israel is reportedly prepared to release around 450 prisoners in exchange for Shalit, but has baulked at releasing some high-profile prisoners and said some freed prisoners from the West Bank must go to Gaza or be exiled overseas. FRANCE24