FRANCE: Five MUSLIM TERRORIST supporters arrested for jihad postings on the internet

The men are accused of defending jihad through Internet postings, and called on supporters of jihad to take part in a holy war against non-Muslims.

"Jihad Recollections" is a new English-language Internet magazine that focuses on the terrorist group, its founder, Osama Bin Laden, and how to commit jihad. especially in the U.S.

Five men were arrested Tuesday after posting listings for jihad on radical Web sites, according to French anti-terrorist police. The men, aged 25 to 30, were all born in France. They were arrested simultaneously in Marseilles, Brittany and the outskirts of Paris early Tuesday morning. The arrests are part of an investigation which began two years ago by the anti-terrorism unit in Paris, reports stated. LINK

Apparently, the interet jihadis have free rein to spread the jihad  in the U.S…now, more than ever, with a sympathetic Muslim in the White House.

The blogger is not operating from a remote location. It turns out he is a 21-year-old American named Samir Khan who produces his blog from his parents’ home in North Carolina, where he serves as a kind of Western relay station for the multimedia productions of violent Islamic groups.

Samir Khan spreading jihad from his parents’ house

In recent days, he has featured “glad tidings” from a North African militant leader whose group killed 31 Algerian troops. He posted a scholarly treatise arguing for violent jihad, translated into English. He listed hundreds of links to secret sites from which his readers could obtain the latest blood-drenched insurgent videos from Iraq.

His neatly organized site also includes a file called “United States of Losers,” which showcased a recent news broadcast about a firefight in Afghanistan with this added commentary from Mr. Khan: “You can even see an American soldier hiding during the ambush like a baby!! AllahuAkbar! AllahuAkbar!”

While there is nothing to suggest that Mr. Khan is operating in concert with militant leaders, he is part of a growing constellation of apparently independent media operators who are broadcasting the message of Al Qaeda and other groups, a message that is increasingly devised, translated and aimed for a Western audience.

Terrorism experts at West Point say there are as many as 100 English language sites offering militant Islamic views, with Mr. Khan’s — which claims 500 regular readers — among the more active. While their reach is difficult to assess, it is clear from a review of extremist material and interviews that militants are seeking to appeal to young American and European Muslims by playing on their anger over the war in Iraq and the image of Islam under attack. READ MORE: NY TIMES