MUSLIM SAVAGES in London attack Israel's deputy ambassador

The deputy chief of mission at the Israeli embassy in London was nearly lynched by Muslim and pro-Palestinian demonstrators after giving a speech at the University of Manchester on Wednesday.

Muslims attacking deputy ambassador's car

Talya Lador-Fresher said that her speech was repeatedly disrupted by demonstrators hoisting Palestinian flags or yelling anti-Israel slogans. And when she tried to leave the premises, she found the exit blocked by angry protestors.

Fearing for the envoy’s safety, embassy security and Manchester police evacuated her through a side exit and into an police getaway car, but that too was attacked. Lador-Fresher said the demonstrators attempted to smash the windows of the police vehicle, apparently intent on doing her physical harm.

Lador-Fresher said that despite the severity of the incident, she intends to continue speaking on UK campuses, since being cowed by the attacks would only play into the hands of Israel’s enemies.

There were no reports of arrests following Wednesday’s attacks, which further demonstrated the violent anti-Israel atmosphere that is growing in the UK. ISRAEL TODAY

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