The Prophet Muhammad responds to the South Park Muhammad Censors

“Sweet pig love, oh yeah!” “Nine-year-old wives, oh yeah!” “Molesting male camels, oh yeah!”

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The Cartoonists Shall Enter First


“Nobody kills the village idiot,” said filmmaker Theo Van Gogh before an Islamic militant shot and stabbed him to death. As Van Gogh learned too late, the world of Islam will kill the village idiot once he becomes the last public figure who tells the truth about it.

Lenin called liberals in the West who make excuses for totalitarianism “useful idiots,” and they still exist in great numbers, having transferred their sympathy from Communist totalitarianism to Islamic totalitarianism. Only a few raffish village idiots like Van Gogh and Trey Parker haven’t joined this cowardly cavalcade.

It is a frightening measure of the West’s unseriousness about encroaching Islam that the only unvarnished critique of it as irrational and dangerous comes not from philosophers and politicians but from cartoonists and eccentrics. This explains why Islam fears the West’s village idiots far more than its useful ones; why it sues a Brigitte Bardot and suppresses a South Park skit; why it pins a note on Van Gogh’s corpse saying: “I know for sure that you, O America, are going to meet with disaster. I know for sure that you, O Europe, are going to meet with disaster. I know for sure that you, O Holland, are going to meet with disaster.”

The useful idiots got the message. They shed few tears for Van Gogh, dismissing him as a bloated and sated anti-Islam provocateur who had it coming. Without any irony, a magazine called the Index on Censorship eulogized him sourly as a “free-speech fundamentalist” and dangerous blowhard for having produced a documentary about Islam’s mistreatment of women called Submission. The rubbish and rancidity in Van Gogh’s previous work hadn’t bothered them very much. But his final gasp of truth-telling about Islam certainly did.

Now the useful idiots, who normally cast themselves as fight-to-the-death Voltairean liberals, turn on Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park for a mild poke at Islam, even though they had chuckled previously at and profited off their parodies of other religions. This cartoon controversy recalls the Danish one, when the Western media simultaneously shielded viewers from a relatively innocuous drawing of Mohammed in an obscure journal (CNN “has chosen to not show the cartoons in respect for Islam,” its prim disclaimer ran) while rolling out enthusiastic coverage of The Da Vinci Code. Why not? the media figured. Christians simply don’t riot.


Islam’s useful idiots in the West are like the “People of the Pact,” except they give up rights in their own lands. The historic “People of the Pact” were Westerners who surrendered freedoms while residing in Muslim countries. They agreed to pipe down about anything important in order to live and trade there without harassment. Today, the “capitulations” take place at home and without the firing of a single shot, except an Islamic one into the belly of a village idiot or two.