MUSLIM THUG-IN-CHIEF to Israel: "Do it my way or we will destroy you"

Obama is preparing to impose his own (pro-Arab, anti-Israel) solution if there is no peace agreement by the fall.

Both the Congress and Senate sent letters to Obama demanding that he stop his strong-arm tactics on our only ally in the Middle East. Obama is out of control and must be stopped.

Israeli officials told Ha’aretz on Thursday that US President Barack Obama recently assured European leaders that if the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is not moving forward by September or October, he will convene an international peace summit.

The purpose of convening an international peace summit could only be to impose a peace settlement on the two sides, and if Obama’s policies of late are anything to judge by, that peace settlement would greatly favor the Arabs by incorporating nearly all their demands.

Palestinian officials this week also said they had received assurances from US Middle East envoy George Mitchell that if Israel did not start complying with US-backed Arab demands soon, Obama would act to force Jerusalem’s hand.

The Palestinians are also threatening to unilaterally declare independence by October if Israel does not start meeting their demands. Israeli officials fear the UN would recognize such a declaration, and that the Obama Administration would do little or nothing to block it.

Recent history has demonstrated that such reports, which are often leaked as a pressure tactic against Israel, actually further delay peace negotiations as the Palestinians are all too happy to remain defiant and wait on the international community to strong-arm Israel.

The US and Europe remain mum on the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly said he is ready to immediately restart direct bilateral negotiations, while the Palestinians refuse to sit with the Israelis and discuss anything. ISRAEL TODAY