Israelis feel justified in making a bonfire to burn posters bearing the American president’s image  ‘because they have come to realize that he hates Jews.’

Israelis residing in Jerusalem’s Shmuel HaNavi neighborhood threw posters bearing the image of US President Barack Obama into dozens of piles of wood and other flammable materials they intend to burn as part of the Lag B’Omer celebrations. Noam Federman, one of the activists behind the initiative to burn pictures of Obama in the traditional bonfires, said “These photos (of Obama) will be placed in hundreds of bonfires in protest against the anti-Semitic acts of Barack Hussein Obama.” YNET NEWS

It’s understandable why Israelis feel like this. However, despite Obama’s pandering, bowing, and outreach to enemies and reluctant Muslim allies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and China, he hasn’t won many hearts and minds there either.

Obama effigy burnings from around the world: