'Everybody Draw Muhammad Day' cartoonist bows down to the IslamoFascists

MOLLY NORRIS ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad’ cartoonist caves in to ‘offended’ Muslims. “Instead of drawing Muhammad,” Norris says, “draw Al Gore on May 20, because that’ll be a lot more fun anyway.” (HAH!)

Molly Norris, the Seattle artist who drew and circulated an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” cartoon to support “South Park’s” censored creators, not only has distanced herself from the viral campaign her work spawned. Now she also playfully prefers a different campaign: “Everybody Draw Al Gore Day.” (Playfully?)

In a new video posted on her website, Norris — who draws for Seattle’s City Arts magazine — addresses the sensation that arose around her cartoon last week, and conveys her surprise at what a large national nerve her cartoon struck. (As she told Comic Riffs last week: “I made a cartoon that went viral but [this campaign] isn’t really my thing.”)

Norris makes a point to apologize to “everyone of the Muslim faith who has or will be offended” by her cartoon and supports calling off“Everyone Draw Mohammed Day,” which was set for May 20. She also urges America’s Muslims and non-Muslims to come together — to meet “halfway.”(What happened? Did Terrorist Front Group CAIR threaten to sue her?)

Norris says, “Enough Mohammed drawings have already been made to get the point across. At this juncture, such drawings are only hurtful to more liberal and moderate Muslims who have not done anything to endanger our first amendment rights. Do something positive with that energy, like…Draw Al Gore!” WASHINGTON POST

Molly had her apology video up on YouTube but has since taken it down.





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