LIBERAL SEWAGE join MUSLIM SEWAGE in demanding boycott of Israeli goods

LONDON: Where were the SWAT teams when left wing fascist terrorist-sympathizers organized a protest INSIDE a Waitrose supermarket against the store’s sale of produce from Israel?

50 “War on Want’ activists filled their shopping trolleys and held a sit down protest inside the supermarket. Campaigners also distributed leaflets calling on shoppers to boycott all Israeli goods until Israel complies with international law. At the end of the protest War on Want’s Executive Director John Hilary handed a letter in to the store’s manager demanding it stop selling settlement produce immediately.

MONTREAL: Muslim street litter that never should have been allowed in civilized countries in the first place.

PARIS: Palestinian terrorist-supporting mob wearing BOYCOTT ISRAEL shirts infiltrates a Paris supermarket and removes all the products labeled ‘Made in Israel,’ shouting pro-Palestinian propaganda and warning customers not to buy anything from Israel.

SAN FRANCISCO: Trader Joe’s allowed these pro-Islamic terrorist leftie Israel haters to invade their store and harass their customers.

Over 30 liberal scumbags in Oakland and San Francisco participated in National Screw Israel Kill The Jews Day on June 20, 2009 by entering Trader Joes, defacing and destroying Israeli products (without paying) and proudly harassing customers.

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Want to boycott Israel? Go ahead, knock yourself out.