Put a mural on your truck that commemorates the Islamic Terror Attack on 9/11 and all Hell breaks loose

When a loyal, patriotic American who doesn’t want people to forget 9/11, puts a mural of that tragic day on his truck, the left wing wackos and legal jihadists from terrorist front group CAIR lose their little minds.

Douglas Story, a Chantilly dump truck driver for the Virginia Department of Transportation, says he wanted to grab people’s attention when he paid $224.90 to have a mural of the burning World Trade Center detailed onto the tailgate of his Ford F-150 along with a sticker that reads: “Everything I ever needed to know about Islam I learned on 9/11.”

But he got more than he bargained for when a photo of his pickup went viral on the Web last week. Motorists and Muslim groups complained that his Virginia vanity license plate — 14CV88 — was really code for neo-Nazi, white supremacist sentiments. The state Department of Motor Vehicles voted last week to recall Story’s plates and force him to buy new ones. (Seems to me the Government flunkies are the real Nazis here)

DOUG’S truck

“There is absolutely no way I’d have anything to do with Hitler or Nazis,” Story said Wednesday.(No, YOU wouldn’t, but the people who carried out 9/11 were exactly like Hitler and the Nazis.) He contacted The Washington Post after an article about his plate appeared last week; the state, citing privacy rules, had declined to release the identity of the plate’s owner. “My sister-in-law and my niece are Jewish. I went to my niece’s bat mitzvah when she turned 13 three years ago. Does that sound like something an anti-Semite would do?”

Story says that his truck has long been decorated with the Confederate battle flag and that he does have “CV” Sons of Confederate Veterans plates, which he obtained after discovering that his great-great-great-grandfather was a second lieutenant with the Alabama Partisan Rangers during the Civil War. Story applied for the vanity plate in March 2009, shortly after Earnhardt changed his car number from 8 to 88 and Stewart changed his from 20 to 14.

The 19 September 11th hijackers were hailed by a UK-based Islamist group as 'The Magnificent 19'. Just days before the second anniversary of the outrages, the radical Al-Muhajiroun group have put up posters advertising a conference carrying the slogan under pictures of the hijackers. A spokesman for the group claimed that the actions of the 19 hijackers were 'quite splendid' and were completely justified by Sharia law

Terrorist Front Group CAIR spokesIslamist, Ibrahim Hooper, said his group looked into the meaning of the numbers 14 and 88 after receiving complaints about Story’s license plates. He said the group found that among neo-Nazis, 88 refers to “Heil Hitler,” because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. White supremacists sometimes use the number 14, Hooper said, as shorthand for the 14-word motto, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” (Funny how the Islamist knows so much about Nazis)

The flag “celebrates my Southern heritage,” he said. “And the numbers recognize my favorite drivers in that southernest of sports, NASCAR.”

He says he doesn’t know who took the photo of his truck, in a handicapped parking spot, that became a viral sensation on the Web. “Probably someone who obviously has a soft spot for Islam,” he said, pronouncing the word “I-slam,” “because if you pronounce it ‘Ih-slahm,’ it’s not disparaging enough.” (I really want to buy this guy a drink)

Muslim Terrorist-supporter Hooper said he doesn’t buy Story’s version “given the overt anti-Muslim bigotry displayed on the truck and the Confederate flags and their historic connotation of racism. But it’s his right to make that appeal to the Virginia DMV.”

Story said he has no intention of appealing. “I don’t want my truck firebombed,” he said.(Muslim intimidation again?) Story received a certified letter last week from the DMV ordering him to get new plates. And his boss told him that he could no longer park on VDOT property with the anti-Islam mural. (Again, WHO are the Nazis here?)

Story says the numbers 14 and 88 on his plate were not references to a white power slogan or “Heil Hitler,” as the Council on American-Islamic Relations theorized, but an homage to his favorite NASCAR drivers: Tony Stewart, who drives car No. 14, and Dale Earnhardt Jr., who drives No. 88. WASHINGTON POST