CIVIL WAR IN ENGLAND: EDL is standing up for Britain, fighting the Islamic threat

English Defense League protests the planned MONSTER MOSQUE, as thousands of Muslims have begun rioting, throwing missiles and objects at the protesters. But the police only arrest the EDL members.

EDL leadership report that in addition to thousands of rioting Muslims, loads of muslim gangs are roaming. The English Defence League has occupied the rooftop of a derelict building in Dudley earmarked for a mammoth new mosque. EDL Members are camped out on the roof of the proposed site of the Dudley monster mosque. The Muslims are throwing objects at the roof protesters, but are unable to reach.

There were riot vans and helicopters on the scene as first reported: EDL action here a couple of hours ago. Police and fire crews arrived at the scene and sealed off Hall Street in the hope of achieving a swift end to the protest.  This is the site of the monster sized mosque where the EDL held a rally last month in Dudley (see here). 22,000 locals signed a petition against the mosque in Dudley, but they dismissed the will of the people and approved construction anyway.

They are playing the Muslim call to prayer over their PA to give the locals a taste of what’s in store for them. READ MORE: ATLAS SHRUGS