SHOCKING! Bill Maher gets it right for once…about Muslims

“Freedom of speech is not negotiable.” I wonder if Maher will get any death threats over this monologue?

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2 comments on “SHOCKING! Bill Maher gets it right for once…about Muslims

  1. Helen Thomas said that Jews should not occupy other people’s land. Leaving aside the historical inaccuracy of the statement for a moment, I have some questions for Helen. As an Arab, does she think that muslims and Arabs have the right to occupy other people’s land? If she is consistent in her viewpoint then the answer should be no.
    So based on that premise when will her fellow Arabs and Muslims get out of the middle east which they stole from the indigenous peoples of Egypt Syria Iraq Lebanon as well as the land now referred to as Turkey which was stolen from the Greeks. Also the muslims who stole Kosovo from Serbia need to get out as well.

    All Arabs need to go home to Arabia and the Turks need to return to their ancestral lands as well.

    The Jews however have had a presence in Israel for 4000 years. That qualifies them as being an indigenous people,
    And while you are at it Helen, when will you leave America so that the original Americans who we refer to as native Indians can take back the space that you stole from them as a result of your presence on their land which you refer to as America.
    Naturally I don’t expect an intelligent response from such a person but felt never the less that the questions needed to be asked.

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