HOLLYWEIRD! Elton John's Egypt concert cancelled after he calls Jesus 'gay,' and implies Middle East is homophobic

Implies???” Elton John has been barred from performing in Egypt after making a series of pro-gay remarks in a recent interview with Parade Magazine.

The question should be, why did he agree to do a concert in a Muslim country in the first place?

The “I’m Still Standing” singer’s May 18 concert was canceled following John’s claim that Jesus was gay, Contactmusic.com reports. In a February issue of Parade magazine, the 63-year-old singer said that Jesus was a “super-intelligent gay man.” Though Jesus is a Christian figure, he is considered a prophet in Islamic religion and, as such, John’s statement could be taken as an affront to Islam.

In the same interview, John denounced the Middle East for being cruel towards its homosexual citizens.  “Try being a gay woman in the Middle East — you’re as good as dead,” he was quoted as saying. (Well, duh!) Four years ago, John made headlines for suggesting that religion be banned for “turning hatred towards gay people.”

The head of Egypt’s Music Union, Mounir al-Wasimi, cited the above examples as the reason behind John’s gig being cancelled “A homosexual man who wants to ban religion, claims that the ‘prophet’ Jesus was gay and calls for Middle Eastern countries to allow gays to have sexual freedom can’t perform,” he told Contact Music. NY DAILY NEWS

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