US MARINES want to kill the Senator John Murtha

Yes, yes, I know he’s already dead. But the Navy has decided to name a ship the USS MURTHA after this traitorous piece of human excrement and the Marines don’t like it one bit.

From: Weekly Standard

Scuttle the USS Murtha

Every now and then the congressional habit of naming federal programs and structures—buildings, aircraft carriers, courthouses, grants and scholarships, military installations—after members of Congress is not such a good idea. Now the Navy might be about to perpetrate a similar embarrassment.

That’s because Secretary Ray Mabus, a former Democratic congressman and governor of Mississippi, has decided to name a new San Antonio-class warship after Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., who died in February.

This proposal has caused something of a sensation on the Internet, and especially among -Marines. Not because Murtha was himself a Marine—as he was, serving as an officer in Vietnam and in the reserves while a member of Congress—but because, after he turned against the Iraq war in 2005, he declared publicly that Marines accused of killing civilians in Haditha had done so “in cold blood.”

At the time of Murtha’s outburst, no formal investigation of the incident, much less trial, had taken place; and as it happens, charges against six Marines were eventually dropped, one was acquitted, and one more awaits trial on reduced charges in the case. (Yet Murtha refused to apologize)

A fair number of Marines, along with people who have never been Marines, find the prospect of honoring Murtha by naming a naval vessel—that would, among other things, transport Marines in and out of combat—after him to be especially disheartening. The Scrapbook agrees. We acknowledge Murtha’s honorable record of military service—but there are dozens, even hundreds, of veterans (including onetime members of Congress) more deserving of the honor than a famously disagreeable politician who used his considerable powers as a congressman to publicly slander fighting Marines in Iraq.

There is another reason to think twice before naming an American warship for John Murtha: He was not honest. Routinely cited by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, and various news organizations, as one of the most corrupt members of Congress, he was notorious for his hostility to ethics legislation and famous for the hundreds of millions of dollars in earmarks he shunted toward his district—including defense appropriations for companies that employed his brother and a former staffer. You can also watch a 1980 video of Murtha on YouTube expressing interest in a $50,000 bribe proffered by an undercover FBI agent in the Abscam sting.

In the end, prosecutors decided not to indict Murtha in Abscam, and he testified against two fellow Democrats who had been indicted. But to watch and listen to the late congressman in action on that video—with his customary combination of profanity and boastfulness—is to make the idea of a USS Murtha especially grotesque.

From the LEATHERNECK FORUM, here’s what Marines have to say about the USS Murtha

LPD-26 to be named after john murtha

OLE SARG “I hope the fvcking thing sinks on its first outing!!!!!!”

wpmobley “More Hussein Obama arrogance. This is nothing but a political ploy to elect Murtha’s clone to his old office. SECNAV has no shame. Where in hell do I vote? Remember November.”

Izzame2 “I thought I heard everything.Too bad the Navy doesn’t have garbage skows because that is the only ship appropriate for that scum bag.I guess I can look on the bright side though and be happy that no Marine bases were named after that bastard.”

firedog974 “Gosh….I was really hoping this was a joke. What is next, the USS Oswald???”

CPL/7113 Why don’t they just rename the Titanic?”

ConorMacNessa “What an outrage! An insult to every man and woman that has worn the uniform!”

NoRemorse “So we’ve got a ship that’s going to hang its Marines out to dry? Wonderful….”

tuboe “I am a combat Marine (Vietnam), this is an outrage and a insult to all Marines, present, past and future. To name a LPD after this sh*tbird, who in my opinion is worse than “hanoi jane”, this is inexcusable. If they wish to name this ship, they should name it after a Marine that is a true hero, not this REMF and coward. I’m calling this just plan garbage and I’m calling all of my States Congressional delegation about this insult to all Marines and Navy personnel.”

jetdawgg @tuboe “Don’t let this get you too upset Marine, someone will soon come up with the idea to name a ship after Hanoi Jane.”

tgwkreu7 “Murtha Was A Turd There Is No Clean End To A Turd”

MOS1310 “Sent an email off to my Senator here in Virginia, Jim Webb, voicing my displeasure and concerns for future nominee’s. Whose up next, a Cruiser named after Ted Kennedy? Oh no that most likely would be a underwater craft!!”

vipere6 “Murtha” …Is that a new brand of toilet paper you wipe yourself with?”

TunTvrnWarrior “Do you think there are any Marine Corps League Detachements out there that would name a “sh-tter” after Murtha?”

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