British MP and Islamic terrorist financier, George Galloway, TROUNCED in re-election bid

Infamous for his financial and political support for the most radical of Islamic terrorist groups, RESPECT PARTY’S George Galloway gets none as  he suffers a stunning defeat in yesterday’s election.

Mr Galloway, who had switched to the neighbouring seat of Poplar & Limehouse, was heavily defeated by Jim Fitzpatrick, the Agriculture Minister, and took the rare decision of boycotting the count, where his 23-year career as a maverick MP was declared over. His Respect movement of hard-left activists and disaffected Muslims looked finished as its leader, Salma Yaqoob, failed to win Birmingham Hall Green.

The political ambitions of George Galloway and his anti-war Respect party were thwarted by a UK slump in their vote.

Galloway, the party’s only MP in the last parliament, failed to hang on to a seat in east London. He came third in Poplar and Limehouse, behind Labour’s Jim Fitzpatrick and the Conservative candidate.

Leader of Hamas gives Galloway a Gaza passport as an honorary member of Hamas

The Scottish firebrand, a Glasgow Labour MP for 18 years until being expelled from the party, did not turn up for the count in Poplar. As the results were read out, there were cries of “where is he?”

Galloway had won 8,160 votes, a 17.5% share of the vote, a slight fall compared to 2005. In a jibe at the defeated MP, Fitzpatrick sneered: “The disrespect party has clearly suffered a huge defeat and that’s another major positive from yesterday.” UK GUARDIAN