Florida GOP Candidate DAN FANELLI's un-PC, anti-Islamic terrorist ad campign has Terrorist Front Group CAIR spitting blood

BNI supports Dan Fanelli, a former Navy pilot running for Congress in Florida. If he wins the nomination he will face off against repugnant liberal slimebag Alan “Republicans want you to die quickly” Grayson.

In one ad, Republican candidate for Congress Dan Fanelli points to a white man and asks, “Does this look like a terrorist?” He then turns to a “Middle Eastern” man and asks, “or this?” Another ad has Fanelli saying, This is a terrorist, as he presents a

Alan Grayson

Middle Eastern man strapped with a bomb and wearing what appears to be a dish towel turban. Yet another ad shows two Arabic-speaking “terrorists” constructing a bomb while discussing martyrdom and “killing infidels. The ad also mocks long-standing due process rights such as Miranda warnings and access to lawyers.

Check out Dan’s website: www.electdan2010.com

Says CAIR-Tampa Executive Director Ramzy Kili,”This type of overt racism and contempt for constitutional rights has no place in a multi-cultural and multi-faith state like Florida. (No, it’s terrorist-supporters like CAIR that have no place in Florida, a Judeo/Christian state.) CAIR today called on national Republican leaders to repudiate campaign advertisements for Florida GOP candidate that advocate racial profiling and promote Islamophobia.(HAH!)