Feel safer yet? Thanks to Obama, students from the home of 15 of the 9/11 hijackers no longer get extra airport screening

“Saudi students in the US have not undergone any special or personal searches at airports,” said Undersecretary Abdullah Al-Mousa Friday. “The media’s blowing it all up out of proportion.”

RIYADH – The Deputy Higher Education Minister for Foreign Scholarship Programs at the Ministry of Higher Education has said that the media has been making “too big a deal” over increased security at airports in the United States.

Al-Mousa said the recent meeting of students on the fifth phase of the scholarship program to acquaint them with various practical and cultural aspects of what awaits them in their study destinations abroad would prove effective, based on the experience of previous orientation-style preparation meetings.

Adviser to the King Abdullah Scholarships Program Wael Al-Hadrami said he was pleased with the 98 percent student attendance at the meeting. The nature and characteristics and laws of each country were discussed individually,” Al-Hadrami said.

Muhammad Al-Shammari from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the meeting provided essential information on how to avoid and manage problems and make contact with embassies.

“We advised those who intend to take their families with them to bear in mind the laws of where they’re going and avoid any form of violence against their children,” Al-Shammari said. Saudi Gazette H/T Michael

Yes, beating your children at the departure gate might get you extra screening.