OH, THE IRONY! Chicago Muslim Student's 'Anti-Hate' Art Exhibit Vandalized

Terrorist Front Group CAIR-Chicago said the exhibit, which addressed racial profiling and the rise of violence and hate directed at Muslims in the post-9/11 era, was vandalized with large caricatures and a word bubble highlighting the text “Kill all Arabs.”

Vandals defaced an exhibit by Muslim graduate student Anida Yoeu Ali at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). And they did it in BROAD DAYLIGHT. (Talk about chutzpah! Muslims declare their hatred for this country, for our democratic system, our deviant culture, and our freedoms, such as speech. Yet they come here anyway and demand that we accommodate THEIR culture and customs rather than integrating into ours, and then have the nerve to be incensed when the public reacts negatively to them?)

Ali’s exhibit is part of a larger ongoing series of work, the “1700% Project,” which is a collaborative project that uses art as a form of response to hate crimes.

CAIR-Chicago Muslim Rights Director Christina Abraham said: “This act of vandalism is a hate crime and it is clear that bigotry and racism was behind it. (Damn right there was, we hate you) This artist was targeted based on her religion. Acts like these promote censorship and are an attack on anyone who believes in freedom of expression and freedom of speech.” (But threatening the lives of cartoonists doesn’t? Go home, bitch)

Abraham accompanied the Muslim artist today in a meeting with the deans of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.“This is not just an assault on me as an artist, this is an attack on multiple communities to which the work speaks for,” Ali said. She added: “We must work to transform the marks of vandalism and hate into public acts of collective healing and reclamation. This is a call to action to respond as a community.” (Bite me!)

There are no suspects in the incident. No other art exhibits displayed at the Sullivan Galleries were vandalized. There are no security cameras inside the gallery. CAIR-Chicago

Maybe it’s me, but I can’t tell the vandalism from the art, can you?. There are more photos here: PHOTOS