"Bacon anyone?

Terrorist Front Group CAIR makes unsubstantiated complaints of harassment of Somali Muslims by  white students in St. Cloud, MN.

Somali Muslim students planting "Islam" in front lawn of St. Cloud school

A St. Cloud school says a handful of its students harassed their Somali classmates, but allegations have been difficult to prove. For the past two months, school leaders in St. Cloud have been trying to get to the bottom of some serious allegations. Minnesota’s Council on American-Islamic Relations says, in the past year, Somali students were targeted by non-Somali students or teachers at St. Cloud Apollo High School on eight separate occasions.

Seven of the eight original complaints could not be confirmed, including such alleged incidents as a teacher using air freshener when Muslim students walked into the room, or a bus driver intentionally leaving Somali students at a bus stop and yelling “Catch me if you can” as she drove by. One incident administrators found to be true involved non-Somali students offering bacon to Somali students, who, for religious reasons, do not eat pork.

CAIR says it would like to see Apollo High School use these incidents as teaching opportunities and take proactive steps to promote tolerance and respect for all students. (No, only MUSLIM students) CAIRtv

But CAIR conveniently leaves out the reasons behind the racial tensions: MUSLIM GANGS in Minnesota.

While Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison spends his limited energy in Minnesota on ensuring missing Somali terrorists’ safe return to US, Muslim gangs are growing in areas where the State department resettled them. And mind you, the immigration numbers of Muslims from Somalia, “Palestine,” etc., have increased at a frightening pace — thanks to State department “Diversity”  and “religious” visas:DIVERSITY VISAS DOUBLE IN JULY FROM SOMALIA AND “PALESTINE”

Seven Minneapolis-area Somali men killed over a 10-month period, and authorities believe all were killed by fellow Somalis. Police say it’s too simple to tie all the killings to Somali gangs, which have lured hundreds of young community members to their ranks in recent years.

Despite anger and despair over the killings in Minnesota’s Somali community — the nation’s largest — police and prosecutors have struggled to catch and try the killers. Few witnesses have stepped forward because of a fear of reprisal and deep-rooted distrust of authority. LINK