[UPDATE] Attack on a Florida mosque is called "terrorism"…

…but a Muslim Army major executing 13 American soldiers in cold blood and wounding 31 on a U.S. Army base is called “pre-traumatic stress disorder.”

Gee, the FBI doesn’t wait a minute to label this terrorism, but when a Muslim tries to blow up a plane, we are told not to rush to judgement. When a Muslim shoots up a Jewish center in Seattle, killing one pregnant woman and wounding five others, it isn’t called terrorism, it’s just a crazy man. When a Muslim shoots two soldiers, killing one, at an Army Recruiting Office in Little Rock, it isn’t called terrorism, it’s a shooting. And these are just a few examples.

On Monday evening, an incendiary device exploded outside the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida in Jacksonville. Local, state and national law enforcement authorities are investigating the “terrorist” attack as a hate crime.


CAIR Questions National Silence on Florida Mosque Bombing. Muslim terrorist front group CAIR says bomb attack ignored by officials, national media.

I’ll tell you why the silence. We don’t give a damn! In fact, we are happy! Looking forward to more. What goes around comes around and you ain’t seen nuthin’yet.

CAIR today questioned the silence of public officials and national media about a bomb attack Monday on a Florida mosque. CAIR, which on Wednesday offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator, said media coverage has for the most part been restricted to Florida and that there have been no public condemnations of the bombing at the national level. CAIR

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