Dr. Zudhi Jasser, perhaps the only Muslim in America who opposes the 9/11 Monster Mosque

Jasser’s American Islamic Forum for Democracy supports reform of the religion of Islam and the total elimination of political Islam.

(JASSER appears at 1:40) While AIFD foundationally advocates for the religious freedoms of American Muslims and Americans of all faiths equally as guaranteed by our Constitution, we question the judgment of imposing a mosque on this hallowed ground with so many other places available. We question using such vast sums of money for a mosque near Ground Zero instead of for direct reform, counterterrorism, and counterradicalization work so long overdue.

A BNI reader, Charles, sent me this overview of where the swimming pool will be on the proposed Monster Mosque. Since the surrounding buildings are much higher, many people will have a view of the Muslims in their swimwear. As I’m sure there will be special times just for women to use the pool. I wonder how they will react to having infidel men staring down at them all the time?

Thanks to Frankie for resizing.