"Jordanians must burn all Israeli products"

Islamic clerics issue fatwa (religious edict) against Israeli products and Jordanians comply as hundreds burn Israeli fruit and vegetable crates.

Hundreds of members of the Anti-Normalization Committee, which fights against normalization of economic relations with Israel, set fire to hundreds of fruit and vegetable crates imported from the Jewish neighbor.

The protest, held in Amman’s central marketplace, came a day after Jordanian clerics issued a religious edict that forbids purchasing merchandise from Israel.

Director of Jordanian trade unions Dr. Ahmed al-Armouti said that these activities reflect the Jordanian people’s stand in respect to normalizing ties with Israel. According to al-Armouti, such normalization will serve as a recognition of the “occupation’s legitimacy and existence,” and lead to “economic, political and security dangers that might threatenJordan‘s stability.”

Al-Armouti said the Jewish state is “an entity that plans to destroy al-Aqsa Mosque and expel the residents of Palestine.” (If only!) Those who have normal ties with Israel are “godless people devoid of humanity,” he said, adding that the Anti-Normalization Committee plans to announce the names of Jordanians who maintain normalized relations with Israel in the near future.

London-based publication al-Quds al-Arabi reported that 51 religious clerics announced the collective edict on Friday, and called on all Muslims to boycott products made in Israel, because it was “the enemy that plunders Muslim land.” The religious edict also ruled that all Muslims are required to support Jihad by all means necessary, in order to abolish the occupation and back the residents in “occupied lands.” YNET NEWS


Under the terms of the Balfour Declaration in 1917, the whole world pledged “the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people” consisting of the territory as shown on this map, and mandated the British government to implement this directive.

In 1922, only five years after the Jews had been promised their own homeland, England revoked that promise, dividing “Palestine” into two administrative districts, and allowed the Jews only in the western portion.

In 1946 the British partitioned “Palestine,” stole about 70% of the “Jewish homeland,” and gave it to the Palestinian Arabs for the establishment of an independent Palestinian Arab state called Jordan.

On November 29, 1947, the United Nations attempted to take approximately half of the remaining 30% of the “Jewish homeland” away from the Jewish people and give that to the Arabs also. That would have left Israel with only approximately 15% of the area that was originally set aside for their national homeland.

Fortunately for tiny Israel, the Arabs rejected the offer, because for the Arab world the only acceptable solution to the “Jewish problem” is the complete extermination of all Jews.

Make no mistake about it. Israel is morally and legally entitled by International Law to occupy the entire territory of the original Balfour Declaration, including all of what is now the country of Jordan.


Let us have no more stupid talk about the creation of a Two-State solution. The “Two-State Solution” currently exists; there are two sovereign nations now occupying “the national home for the Jewish people”—Israel and Jordan. And let us have no more stupid talk about “the West Bank” or “the occupied territories.” Those geographical areas are Israel, period!


Those areas are no more “occupied territories” than is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the State of Texas. If there is an “Occupied Territory” in the Middle East, it is Jordan who is unlawfully occupying 70% of Israel’s homeland and the self-proclaimed “Palestinians” who are unlawfully occupying an additional 10-15% of Israel’s homeland. LINK

And here’s something modern history has conveniently forgotten: “Arabs welcome Jews home”

The Emir Hussein of the Hejaz replied “with an expression of goodwill towards a kindred Semitic race”, when the Balfour Declaration was communicated to him in 1918, and his son Feisal, acting officially for the Arab movement, wrote on March 3, 1919:

Throughout Arabia, the chiefs were for the most part, distinctly pro-Zionist, as were the Palestinian peasantry, who were delighted at the benefits that Jewish immigration was bringing them. The Muslim religious leader, the Mufti, was openly friendly, even taking a prominent part in the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

And what of “Arab nationalism”? At that time, no one had heard of a “Palestine Arab people”; the term was not invented until after 1964, entirely for political reasons. The British Peace Handbook No. 60, published in 1918, declared that “the people west of the Jordan are not Arabs, but only Arab speaking… In the Gaza district they are mostly of Egyptian origin; elsewhere they are of the most mixed race…they (the Arabs of Palestine) have little if any national sentiment…they hide their weapons at the call of patriotism.”

The idea that Palestine should be Arab was never even contemplated. On the contrary, the attitude of the Arabs to the Jewish National Movement was one of almost unanimous approval. In 1906, Farid Kassab, a famous Syrian author, expressed the view uniformly held by the Arabs: “The Jews of the Orient are at home. This land is their only fatherland. They don’t know any other.” A year later, Dr. Moses Gaster reported that he had “held conversations with some of the leading sheiks, and they all expressed pleasure at the advent of the Jews, for they considered that with them had come ‘barakat’ – blessing, since the rain came in due season.”

The Emir Hussein of the Hejaz replied “with an expression of goodwill towards a kindred Semitic race”, when the Balfour Declaration was communicated to him in 1918, and his son Feisal, acting officially for the Arab movement, wrote on March 3, 1919:XX

“We Arabs look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement. Our deputation in Paris is fully acquainted with the proposals submitted yesterday by the Zionist Organization to the Peace Conference and we regard them as moderate and proper. We will do our best, insofar as we are concerned, to help them through. We will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home.” LINK H/T Art