SWITZERLAND: It was never just about banning minarets…

Minarets are just a symbol of the festering problem throughout Europe. The real problems is Islam which has the freedom-loving people of Europe concerned enough to consider banning it altogether.

No separation between Church and State, calling for the murder of unbelievers, Mohammed’s massacre of the Jews: Is Islam compatible with our constitution?

Yesterday the minaret ban. Today the burka ban. And tomorrow? The media and politicians stumble from Islam debate to Islam debate. Which Muslim symbol would be on the agenda next? The beard of the prophet? His water-pipe? Or should the wearing of a “takke” be banned, those white prayer caps which the representative of the Central Islamic Council (IZRS) particularly likes to wear in public?

His doctoral thesis initially lay dormant, almost unnoticed, in the libraries. It turns out that the study by Swiss Islam researcher Lukas Wick is of the highest interest. In about 200 pages the Zurich resident deals with the question to what extent is Islam compatible with the modern constitutional state, such as Switzerland. Wick is skeptical. As long as Islamic theology allows no religious freedom, the integration of Muslims in secular Europe will be difficult. His findings are based on an excellent knowledge of Arabic and the original sources. Wick had acquired them on visits to Damascus and Beirut. H/T
Islam in Europe

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