Rep. Peter King (R-NY) accuses Barack Obama of "political blackmail" for cutting security funding to New York City

King also says, “Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t deserve to keep his job because of his handling of the Times Square bombing attempt and his refusal to connect Islamic terrorism to Islam.”

House Homeland Security Committee ranking Republican Pete King (N.Y.) said that Holder’s refusal to say that radical Islam motivated the alleged attacker, Faisal Shahzad, makes him an incapable attorney general.

“An attorney general who eight and a half years after Sept. 11 does not realize our enemy is radical Islam is either so politically correct or so out of touch that he doesn’t deserve to be attorney general,” King said on Fox News. “I mean, this is why he wants to have the terror trials of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Lower Manhattan — he just doesn’t get it.” Read more: The Hill