SWEDEN: MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS are the sole cause of skyrocketing religious hate crimes

Malmo was once the very face of socially-inclusive and tolerant Sweden. But the country’s third-biggest city has turned into a hotbed of ethnic and religious violence, perpetrated by MUSLIMS. Always Muslims.

The windows of a local synagogue are bulletproof. Whenever there is a religious service, there is heavy security, and during big holidays there is actually a police cordon.

Officially, there were 80 hate crimes committed against Jews last year in Malmo, but local religious leaders say the real number is several times higher.

Muslims burning Swedish flag

With nearly a third of Malmo’s population born abroad, Sweden’s tolerance may have welcomed the intolerant. The majority of immigrants are Muslims, many are from Palestine. Police blame them for several recent fire-bombings, desecrations and assaults on Jews.

“It’s not just any Muslims that feel resentful. It is those who themselves come from the Middle East, and they bring their conflicts with them,Director of the Islamic Centre Bejzat Becirov says.

Many of Malmo’s immigrants have settled in the virtual ghetto of Rosengard. Incomes and education levels are lower here, crime rates are higher and anti-Israel sentiments run high. The Jewish Center’s Frederick Sieradzki pins the blame for the attacks not just on radical Islamists, but local authorities.

At the height of last year’s Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the left-wing Mayor Reepalu claimed attacks on Jews were a natural consequence of Israel’s actions. RT