"You lied to me, JEW producer"

Comedy Central is promoting a blatantly anti-Jewish online game, ‘ISRAEL ATTACK,’ that plays on the association of Israel as ‘child killer.’ Say, I wonder if I email a death threat to the producers, will they ban this game as they did when the Muslims threatened to kill the creators of the “offensive” Muhammad in a bear suit cartoon?

Recently, the Comedy Central TV network censored an episode of the popular South Park cartoon following threats from Islamic extremists offended at the show’s portrayal of the Prophet Mohammad. But while Comedy Central was perceived to have caved in on a matter of free speech, it appears that the network exercises double standards when it comes to producing genuinely offensive material.

Currently appearing on Comedy Central’s website is a game called “I.S.R.A.E.L. Attack!”. The premise of this game has nothing to do with Israel and, as such, is nothing more than an insidious attempt at association. The game’s introduction begins with a character who states:”You lied to me, Jew Producer” referring to a character who has failed to carry out a mission to destroy other child-like cartoon characters.

If this piece of anti-Semitism isn’t bad enough, a robot – the Intelligent Smart Robot Animation Eraser Lady – is sent to do the job that the Jew Producer failed to achieve. The character openly calls the robot by its acronym – ISRAEL – and the association created by those behind this game is unmistakable – Israel the child killer.

The game then involves the robot destroying everything and everyone in its path, including children and animals. Honest Reporting