Australian taxi driver tells blind woman, "Put your guide dog in the trunk or get out"

You have to guess the religion of the taxi driver because the Australian newspaper that posted this story will not. He’s MUSLIM.

The incident outside Central Station in Sydney last week highlighted an ongoing problem for vision-impaired commuters that laws are failing to fix. About 35 per cent of all people with guide dogs have been refused entry to a taxi (by MUSLM drivers) in the past 12 months, despite hefty fines for cabbies who fail to comply.

Sarah Eady & her guide dog

Sydney woman Sarah Eady said she was at Central Railway’s taxi rank on Thursday when a driver refused to let her five-year-old guide dog Ally into the front seat. “I opened the door and he said ‘Can you sit in the back with the dog’ and I told him the dog was trained to sit in the front,” she said. “He said he didn’t want the dog in the front and then he asked me to put Ally in the trunk.”

Ms Eady said she was often refused entry to taxis because of her dog.

However, the latest incident was particularly frustrating because it flew in the face of a recent Guide Dogs NSW awareness campaign that specifically targeted cabbies. Advertisements featuring the slogan “Any dog can chase a car, ours can catch a cab” have been placed on the back of taxis throughout Sydney.

“These dogs are essential to our mobility,” Ms Eady said. “If I try to get a taxi and they say no it’s hurtful because they are saying no to my dog and my dog is precious to me.

“But it also literally leaves me stranded – physically they’ve cut off the one way I have of getting somewhere where buses and trains aren’t always available.” NEWS AUH/T TROP






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  1. Why do you allow the Muslim dogs to trample all over you in your own country. Please wake up before it is too late.

  2. This should have been all over our News here in Australia- yet I did not hear a thing…BUT, I fully believe it…I saw a women refused entry into a Taxi, because she had a huge ham (It was Christmas time)…he would not allow her in the cab, unless she got rid of the ham…there was a shouting match,and the Taxi driver drove off without the woman…we all got his cab number and reported was almost 100degF that day too..and he would not allow her in the cab…

    I hate catching taxi’s now…..

    • Wendy you are right ,it would have -once been front page news ,I really believe the media is controlling freedom of speech ,-politically correct ,this ban would have come from higher up ,genuine Aussies would have been protesting loud and clear,,I would say they still are but it is being censored,-our freedoms and -our culture are being eroded ,aided and abetted by those who are ingraiting themselves with this ideology of hate,they are poisoning the dogs in Spain ,and Europe becaue they are unclean ,the ones who are condoning this atrocity are as low as the ones implementing this insanity.

  3. What taxi service was this ?isn’t it -Australian law that dogs for the blind are allowed in taxi’s?the taxi firm have to be fined ,-if they don’t comply -picket them and bann them ,the taxi driver must be fined and sacked if he doesn’t follow company rules they must not be allowed to get away with this,this is Australian law -not Islam’s.

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