ANOTHER DRY RUN? Delta Airline's lips are sealed about the identity of the "unruly" passengers

DELTA flight 620 from Tokyo to Minneapolis with 400 passengers was turned around 3 hours into the flight because of unruly passengers, finally landed in Minneapolis Tuesday – 24 hours after they were due.

Christian Shauf, a passenger on the plane told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that he didn’t know why the plane was turned around.”I don’t know, I’ve heard a lot of stories, but I don’t know what the real truth is,” he said.

Passengers said two men locked themselves in the same restroom and refused to come out. “One guy was hiding in the bathroom. We saw one guy was lying on the floor,” said Minkyoung Sung, who was on the flight.

“I heard a flight attendant come up to the man in the seat in front of me and say, ‘This isn’t your ticket. Where’s your passport?’ I don’t think he had any of that,” Schauf said.

Sarah Donlin said she didn’t notice anything suspicious until she saw the crew on the plane rush to the front lavatory. Another passenger said she saw someone being carried down the aisle, unconscious. “Then it looked like someone was ill and that’s what they announced over the loud speaker,” Donlin said. “And that’s what we were led to believe until we saw police enter the airplane.” (Gee, someone was ill yet the crew didn’t ask if there was a doctor on board?)

Another passenger told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that she saw two handcuffed people leave the plane.

Delta said it is cooperating with Japanese authorities in an ongoing investigation, but they declined to comment further. KSTP H/T herr OYAL

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