COVER UP? Maybe the Polish Presidential plane crash over Russia WASN'T an accident

Russian investigators have confirmed that more than one non-crew member was present in the cockpit of the Polish Presidential plane crash which resulted in the death of over 90 people.

Of course they were quick to rule out terrorism as they always do whenever it’s terrorism.

The plane crashed in Smolensk Airport while the passengers were heading to the Russian city to commemorate the Katyn massacre which resulted in thousands of Poles being killed by Soviet forces in 1940.

The investigation which was carried out by the inter-state air committee for the former Soviet Union has concluded that there were more than one non-crew member on approach to the airport and that the crew were repeatedly told by air traffic controllers that it was not safe to land due to the mist. The Russian investigators have not named the non-crew members.

The investigation has also concluded that the Russian made Tupolev-154 presidential plane was in good working order before it crashed. This latest development will fuel more conspiracy theories about the plane crash as relations were known to be poor between Russia and Poland. LINK

The man who took the video footage of the aftermath of the Polish plane crash is rumoured to have been stabbed to death.

Alleged amateur video footage of the plane crash in Smolensk had caused controversy and was the source of numerous conspiracy theories as alleged gun shots were heard at the site. The video footage which some experts say is a fake showed men in the distance walking around the crash site where several gunshots were heard.

Some are saying he was assassinated to silence the man from speaking out of what ever he saw. LINK

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