88 YEAR-OLD NAVY VETERAN ordered to take down American flag from outside his home

Joe LeVangie said he’s upset after he and his neighbors were told to take their flags down because flying them was against management policy. (Who the Hell is running that place – Hugo Chavez?)


HILLSBOROUGH, N.H. — A Navy veteran is fighting to be able to show his patriotism by flying an American flag outside his apartment building. He said there should be an exception for the flag.

LeVangie, a World War II veteran, said he used to fly his American flag outside his apartment at the Maple Leaf complex in Hillsborough.”In respect for all the troops serving overseas now and for those who never came back,” he said.

But recently, his management company told all residents that their flags had to come down. The brackets for the flag poles were also removed. “I was madder than hell,” he said. “Come to find out, it was the maintenance man who was told to do so.”

The same thing happened to Margery Kenney, who lives next door. Her brackets were taken down, and her flag is now rolled up against the wall.

“My whole family was in the service, and it’s a shame something like this was allowed to happen,” she said.

EJL Management said the flags violate a blanket policy prohibiting such displays. A letter sent to LeVangie said a letter sent to him by the company said it was part of a policy that also prohibits lawn ornaments and grills. WMUR