So, maybe the AIR INDIA EXPRESS plane crash WASN'T pilot error?

One survivor said he heard a “loud explosion” just before the plane hit the ground. He also said he saw a “hole on the left side of the plane.”

Stinger missile, anyone?

An updated report on the crash of an Air India Express 737 en route from Dubai to Mangalore, India that killedt 159, with 7 survivors has Indian officials now saying that weather had nothing to do with the crash. But they also are saying they believe the cause was “pilot error.”

Recent plane crash similarities?

The Libyan jetliner crashed minutes before landing after a more than seven-hour flight across the African continent from Johannesburg.

Plane With 44 Passengers Crashes in Afghanistan. Air traffic controllers\’ last contact with the plane was when it was about 55 miles (85 kilometers) north of Kabul. There was no distress call from the plane.