NYC Community Board to vote on Ground Zero monster mosque even though their vote isn't needed to build it

So why bother voting on it at all?

Two (gutless dhimmi) board members who asked not to be identified told the Daily News that they’re against the project, but won’t come out against it publicly. Instead, they want to table the vote indefinitely. “It’s not right to build it so close to Ground Zero, and it’s not right for this board to vote on a religious center,” one member said.

Community Board 1 will meet Tuesday to vote on the Cordoba House – a planned 13-story Islamic community center and prayer space near Ground Zero. While approval from the 50-member board is not needed to build the center, the vote may indicate how residents of lower Manhattan feel about the idea.

“The community board is a good barometer of the sentiment of the people in that neighborhood,” said Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

Proposed Mosque site

The board’s 12-member Financial District committee unanimously voted in favor of the project earlier this month. “From my perspective, there’s not a lot to dislike about the project,” said Ro Scheffe, 59, a member of the committee who runs a communications firm and lives three blocks from Wall Street. Foes – including some members of the board – argue an Islamic community center so close to Ground Zero is insensitive to the families of people who died on 9/11. NY DAILY NEWS H/T herr OYAL

Send this Marine Corps Veteran to Washington

Rick Barber, Congressional candidate in the second Congressional district in Alabama, speaks out against the 9/11 mosque/terrorist stronghold.