Obama Regime orders U.S. troops in Afghanistan to carry WEAPONS with NO BULLETS!

Military officers say, “Forcing troops to carry unloaded weapons on patrol is criminally negligent.” “Patrolling without a chambered round is suicide.”First they want to give medals for “courageous restraint.” Now they want to tie both hands behinds our soldiers’ backs. This isn’t suicide, it’s negligent homicide, in my book.

UPDATE 1/27/14: Apparently, this outrageous rule was rescinded not long after it was imposed. 

Human EventsCommanders have ordered a U.S. military unit in Afghanistan to patrol with unloaded weapons, according to a source in Afghanistan. American soldiers in at least one unit have been ordered to conduct patrols without a round chambered in their weapons, an anonymous source stationed at a forward operating base in Afghanistan said in an interview.

When a weapon has a loaded magazine, but the safety is on and no round is chambered, the military refers to this condition as “amber status.” Weapons on “red status” are ready to fire—they have a round in the chamber and the safety is off.

“Our overall aim is to defeat the insurgency which means we must gain and then maintain the support of the Afghan population,” said Lieutenant Commander Iain Baxter, a spokesman for NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in a statement to HUMAN EVENTS.

“This must be the objective of every action taken by ISAF service members, and it calls for responses that de-escalate situations where the use of deadly force may not be necessary. In doing this, leaders at all levels make enormous efforts to ensure that troops balance their own protection with the protection of the Afghan population.”

“The idea that any combat unit would conduct any operation, including patrolling and even manning a security post—in which direct action may or may not take place—and not having weapons loaded, borders on being criminally negligent in my opinion,” says Lt. Col. W. Thomas Smith Jr., a recognized expert on terrorism and military issues. “This is nothing more than infusing politically correct restrictions into already overly restrictive rules of engagement. And this PC nonsense is going to get people killed.”

According to Smith, “American soldiers are highly skilled in the use of ‘loaded’ weapons, and so should be trusted to operate with ‘loaded’ weapons. If someone overseeing decisions on ROE [rules of engagement] thinks not, then ratchet up training. But don’t put a man on the street and force him to go through multiple prompts when a gunfight breaks out. Remember, the situation can go from quiet to kinetic in half the time it takes to breathe.”

In an ambush situation, just how long does it take to engage a target when your weapon isn’t already loaded? “Too long,” states Sandy Daniel, military veteran and deputy director of the Victory Institute. “The first couple of seconds in an ambush are critical, and when that block of time is used to load a weapon instead of firing, you are losing the time you need to stay alive. Patrolling without a chambered round is suicide.”

Fallen Marine’s father rips Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s new rules of engagement in Afghanistan













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  1. I think the military should have prior approval for all Rules of Engagement. No agreement, no implementation of the rule in question.

  2. The troops should balk at going out without loaded weapons. That friggen empty suit is going to be the death of more than our military, it will be the death of the OUR USA, which that cockroach is not a citizen of.

  3. Who in their right mind would give such an order. How are our soldiers supposed to protect themselves. It is long over due that our service men and women COME HOME. I honor and respect our men and women of the service, they have given so much for us as well as their families.
    It is time that Obama beings our soldiers home.

    • Dawn, your question presupposes that Obama has a “right mind.” As a community organizer who never led anything, never accomplished anything and has no clue about military service and warfare, Obama has no right mind. He’s an anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-military, anti-veteran, anti-Christian, anti-capitalism lover of Islam and Islamists.

    • War is not a play Its real. I can not in my wilds dream think our Government would treat out Military as pawns on a chess board. Who are we to please? Every one in this world . Give me a fricking break.

    • Obama you get your hind in over there and stand for hours on in guarding without your gun loaded. What in God’s name is wrong with you? Our troops have families too they would like to get home too alive. You don’t care though do you? Our troops just need to come home and say stink on this. You are murdering them because you can.
      Troops pack up and come home the jails, prisons are full they can hold all of you for aw-all! Let Obama, Congress and everyone else who makes up these stupid rules go over there and defend us. They would be begin you all back. Everyone one of us need to get on our knees and pray with everything in us that GOD ALMIGHTY steps in.

  4. I’d like to thank everyone that has been in the military or is currently in the military for defending America. Unfortunately if you were in Afghanistan or Iraq and looking for those that done 911 you have been tricked into going overseas when the people that done it are here. Anyone that has swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution should be focusing on our government. Anyone paying attention knows our government is the one that is attacking our Constitution and the taking away our rights and is using false flag attacks to have excuses to go to war with other countries to profit the military industrial complex and be the muscle for the corrupt globalist banksters and new world order as they attack any threat to the petro dollar ( which is admittedly an attack on our American Way of life but not our lives) soon you will be returning home and they will diagnose you with PTSD or they can take away your right to own weapons because as you get older and wiser and figure out what they have done and what they are doing to the Constitution and America you become the biggest threat.

  5. This stream has been a very interesting read !!! I am a service connected disabled veteran, Working in operations exposes you to a very wide contact of different units, branches of the military as well as many different units representing the United Nations. The point is that as far as the whole Red, Amber v/s Conition 1 or 2 is simply regiment is present, they use different terminology for the same task and is ineffecient in the grand scheme of things. Here’s a couple of my points !!! Our national budget is being run like a crack house, It’s out of control !!! and we are sending my fellow veterans into combat situations with broke equiptment, bad management from the Commander In Chief, and there’s a such a back log at the V.A. it’s a shame and our Constitution and Civil Rights have been “SHOCK and AWED” over the last 13 years starting with the Patriot Act. Something’s got to change in a big way to turn around this great nation. It almost seems we are caught in a malestrom like in Pirate’s of the Caribbean when the two ships were riding in the big vortex. I love my country and my community here in Hawaii, But am just deeply concerned for my children’s futures and the future state of our Republic. Unless some huge underdog like Jesse Ventura came in and RADICALLY changed things, I believe at this point with the 2 party system very little if any would change. Our current elected officials have been rightfully accused of their lives being just like professional wrestling and when the camera’s are on everybody is at each others throats and when the camera’s are off they are at functions eating and drinking together or playing golf together. I believe there should be transparency in our Govt and that our soldiers in combat situations shouldn’t have to be there doing a job with arm tied behind their backs and the other one tied at the elbow and around the waist !!! If you’re gonna send us in, let us kick some butt and get out, All the ROE’s “rules of engagement” do is try to make WAR more palatible for poloticians. I think it’s just come time to bring all of our troops home… Enough is enough already 😉

  6. If one of our soldiers shouldn’t have bullets then they don’t need to be patrolling the area. Pull them out!!! I don’t understand why anything Obama would do or say surprises people. Obama is a socialist. He is NOT for America or the American people. He only ran for office on the Democratic ticket so he could be elected and instate his own beliefs and his own agenda in America. If a true American person really knew what he stood for he wouldn’t have been elected. Parents of the child that is over there please gather together and storm the “STINKING THINKING” of our idiotic government!

  7. I have been in Afghanistan for 5 years and I can personally tell you that every base you enter makes you clear your weapons and put them in AMBER status. The reason that they do this is not because of some seedy little plot but rather because we give a fucking loaded weapon to kids who have no business using them. Most of these kids are in support roles and will never fire their weapons. They do fire them almost daily at several of the FOBs we visit by having an ND in the clearing barrel. A very small percentage of people in Afghanistan will ever set foot outside of their respective bases and 99% of the soldiers are just kids who were poorly trained and who make mistakes and the command staff sets rules to the lowest common denominator.

    • You’re an Idiot. This whole article states that troops on patrol or in security roles will be at amber status. There is nothing said about “Fobbits” like you that walk around on the FOB drinking your coffee from Green Beans

    • Your an ass, I have 3 children currently serving. 1 Marine, 1 Army, 1 Air Force. all experts in their field, including their weapons. so don’t go around saying our children are poorly trained in the military.

    • Them kids are just as important as you big shot. They have families that love them as well and if they were poorly trained then you are to blame as well you could help them get better if you are a so much better soldier jerk. They probably do more in one day then you do in a week.

  8. Reminds me of the
    REMFs and their BS ROEs in Nam. I pray for all you people. Everyday.In Jesus’ name.ND 56th KingBirds 1973.USAF 68-73.The Lord bless you&keep you safe.

      • You might want to re read what you typed. You are correct red is one in the chamger and saftey on. AMBER is mag in empty chamber and on safe. There fore to go from Amber to red you charge the weapon……than take saftey off and fire at intended target…

  9. Sticking my 2 cents in….there is one thing that WE ALL have in common, we all bleed RED BLOOD! That’s about it! The rest was taught to us. What we CHOOSE to do with the info. we have is each individual’s CHOICE.
    BNI only brings the info. she receives and verifies at the time….try reading the original date of the articles as well, many of these topics are repetitive, don’t blame BNI!

  10. This is 100% false.
    Nothing new though, the midia is commonly known to jump on something to write about prior to fact checking.

    As much as i dont like the government decision process, and i wish Obama would change his philosophy as our nations leader, this wouldnt ever happen, and never will. (unless feinstein had a say in it. which she doesnt.)

    i spent over 14 months in the middle east between 2008 and 2012 in the military. THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

    and there is no “amber” status or “red” status. weapons loaded with a round in chamber and safety on is refered to as “condition 1” and magazine in no round in chamber safety on is refered to as “condition 3.”

    Amber and red refer to threat levels, not weapons conditions.

    Nothing personal author, everyone wants to impliment opinions into the weaker minds so what you wrote can be justified by your desire to achieve that.

    • But i do like the sites purpose. I think islam may as well be diagnosed as a mental illness, a more inebriating ignorant religion than christianity even.

    • cj, I have heard from soldiers who were in Afghanistan at that time, that they did try to implement this rule which came down from the White House. It was soon rescinded because nobody wanted to enforce them.

    • Excuse me sir, there is an amber,, and red status of a weapon. But after everything Obama has done so far, I don’t think he wouldn’t do this. Something needs to be done ASAP. I as an Infantryman find this disgusting. I hope everyone over there currently serving is safe and comes home safe.

    • Green – no mag, no round in the chamber, weapon on safe
      Amber – mag in the mag well, no round in the chamber, weapon on safe
      Res – mag in the mag well, round in the chamber, weapon on safe
      Black – mag in the mag well, round in the chamber, weapon on fire

    • Having just left the army, and having completed a tour in Iraq and Afghanistan with 4ID, I have to say you are wrong. Amber and Red status are in use when referring to weapon status. And I could totally see this happening. The command system is too far removed.
      In Afghanistan we were less than 250 meters from our COP. When we had found an explosive. We destroyed it after our EOD people were brought out by another squad. In that time frame the air went black, meaning that helicopters couldn’t fly for fear of crashing due to weather. So we sat stationary for 3 hours waiting on approval of brigade command to move. So finally we get approved to move and then bam! We are ambushed around a blind corner on our way back. Thankfully it was a small force with piss poor aim. One of ours was shot in the hand. So that in a long story is a stupid command with bad consequences. I could go on with many more supporting instances of stupid command while in Afghanistan.
      In Iraq we were ordered not to have a bullet in the chamber, red, while in our vehicles on patrol. Not that bad of an idea till we were ambushed and our dismounts ran into some problems when trying to react to the action. Admittedly better training in that scenario would have fixed that. Problem was we never trained like that so when we all got out we acted like our weapons were loaded. No one was hurt though and it was fixed quickly.

    • I am currently serving in the army at fort hood and we do in fact use amber to describe magazine loaded and red to describe a round being chambered. Although he was wrong about the saftey selector being on semi while in red. The weapon remains on safe until you intend to fire.

    • You are incorrect in the color status. There are several and they are as follows: Black, green, amber, red…do a little fact checking if your own first before you reply to something.

  11. I was in Afghanistan in 2010 and we did roll out of the wire amber. We did not like it but those are the orders we had been given. Do not take lightly the discipline it takes to follow orders you do not agree with. Those orders were soon rescinded and we would lock and load as we stepped out of the C.O.P so all the informants watching would know and tell their buddies. So please remember that the greatest force standing between order and anarchy is the discipline of the combat soldiers and marines.

  12. Well, say that to King David. I mean, per the word of God, he is considered “A man after God’s own heart” and his kill count as a soldier was tremedious! I mean, he even took down Goliath!

    I think you should reevaluate your statement, not everything is black and white.

  13. I I just got back from Afghanistan last March, and I always had a round chambered outside the wire. A high ranking officer told us that we really didn’t need to have a round chambered, so we took that as an incentive to do it anyway. It is completely unlawful to order your men in a combat zone, to not prepare themselves to return fire at a moments notice. If a soldier gets killed because of readiness and direct combat effectiveness was affected by his superior, then his superiors should be court marshaled.

      • Do you guys at BareNakedIslam get that this story simply *is not true*? At no point has the CIC ordered troops outside the wire to not be fully armed. Please stop spreading this FUD. It’s irresponsible and hateful, nothing more or less.

        If you really had the balls you claim to, you would edit the article to include a statement that the accuracy of this story is in question.

        The main question I have for you, however, is whether or not you will have the intestinal fortitude to leave this comment on your feed.

        • Hans, when I posted the story in 2010, it was true. I have stated several times that I don’t know whether or not that is the case now. I did not repost this story now., Someone pulled it out of the archives, which is why it is out there again. Scroll thru a few pages here and you will not find the post.

        • USMC, Anything from Snopes has no credibility. It is a George Soros funded site for the Democrats. And just to show you how useless they are, they never checked the original source, Human Events and others from 2010. Don’t ever post that site here again.

    • This reminds me of what I was told to do when I was put on guard duty of the Armory in Schofield Barracks, and the answer is the same. When guarding the Armory, they gave us 1 round of 5.56mm for an M-4, to stop anyone from stealing weapons. I planned a head, bought a box of .223 from a local gun store, and stayed ready to rock and roll. Moral of the story: When rear echelon mother fuckers tell you to do something stupid that can (and probably will) get you killed, you smile, nod, and carry on as if they never said anything at all.

    • Amen Brother. If that high ranking commander came for a visit to my area, I would make sure that the SOB went home in a body bag. As far as I am concerned, he is a traitor to the American military and people. I am sure that he would be one of the first to order soldiers under his command to fire on American civilians if he was ordered to.

  14. You guys are very unrighteous and will have to answer to the father. No killing is acceptable PERIOD! Idc if you were in the war or not. It is not righteous to kill god’s images. This is the reason why I am not in the military. For the people who are in the military, it was your choice so there are no excuses. You are subject to an opinion but in the end, the commander is pulling the strings whether you like it or not. I do not support either troops or civilians dying. If you do support either one, then this world is perfect for you. But then again, the righteous do not inherit the earth, only the meek. I pray that us all are forgiven for our unrighteousness. Do not support the killing of ANYONE regardless if it pertains to our freedom. I know you guys will persecute me for this but idc. Do not be a slave to sin people please

        • You ain’t one of God’s creatures shithead. You’re just the beneficiary enjoying the freedom to say such dumb ass shit on the blood of men who KILL to secure it, No do us all a favort and kill yourself, you don’t deserve the free air you breath you scumbag piece of garbage.

        • I would be very cautious of your using biblical references to justify your opinion. You’re treading quite thin there. What about David and Goliath as stated above? What about an eye for an eye, etc. There are countless references of the holy and the righteous of the Lords involved in wars and battles and yes, death. I am above all things a born again Christian and daughter of God my father in heaven and Jesus Christ. Do I believe it’s “okay” to kill? Not so much. I question why it becomes our right to “bring justice” for lack of a better word, to others. But to say our military is without doubt wrong, I completely disagree with. Thanks to them we have had a freedom that I believe God has called for us to live in. Do I believe they can be as corrupt at times (some)? Yes, I do. I believe most men and women joining our armed forces do so with the utmost respect, and gratitude to the freedoms we live in. You are right, we WILL all have to answer to the father. But I do think you should read or reread the holy bible before you make such judgements. Especially if you’re commenting in “The Name of the Lord”. Because the bible most certainly warns Christians of false prophets and teachings. ( A very serious offense) We are to spread the gospel not make a mockery of it.

        • Erin there are 2 statements you made that I woul like for you to clarify. How were my bible references incorrect? And how am I passing judgment? Until you refute your statements, the. I cannot consider your argument valid. What you are saying is that I have simply left out information. Yes I am we’ll aware of the violent acts committed by some of the lord’s servants in the Old Testament. Most of those references that you speak of we’re effects of the lords callings. That is where your argument, in my opinion, loses some of its meaning. In reference to David and Goliath, it is evident that Goliath was defiant against the lord’s people. Wars that god enforced were to how his wrath. That is hat he used certain people for. For example the battle between the philistines an the Israelites(David and Goliath). The war we are fighting is not with the same intentions, so cannot compare the two. Once agin I’m passing no judgment on our military. Many people who are commenting are making false claims. I’m anxious to hear your reply

      • That source article was posted by the Admin 5/25/2010 03:01 AM. That’s a little bit old isn’t it? Getting everyone riled up for an almost 4 year old article.

      • I bet if some Muslim had a knife to your throat and about to cut your head off in front your wife you would beg somebody to shoot em

        • ho, why are you addressing that comment to me? First of all, I’d would have no problem shooting him myself. But as there’s little chance I would be armed in NYC, my Marine husband has taught me some useful techniques for dealing with that kind of problem.

    • Have your family stand behind you then watch a stranger put a bullet between your daughter or your sons eyes or your wife or your girlfriend and then come back and see me on this no killing policy. Tell me you would not want to kill him after that.

    • Let’s see what Jesus says to soldiers who ask Him what they should do in Luke 3:14, “And soldiers also asked him, saying, And we, what must we do? And he said unto them, Extort from no man by violence, neither accuse any one wrongfully; and be content with your wages” (ASV).

    • So my question to you Damarcus is where do you stand on all the killing that was done in God’s name during the crusades and dark times in our history, are you saying that even the popes that issued commands from the church are condemed as well? According to that the church has been in sin since its creation. Oh and we are a county founded on freedom of religion, no one stops you and your beliefs or condems you because you do something that is against their religion.

      • First off I would like to thank you in regards to your respectful response. You bring up some great points. The soldiers during the crusades are much similar to the radical Muslims of our current time. The bible can be interpreted in terms of good or evil. The crusades were a political excuse that uses religion as a scape goat to justify unjust causes. The popes were also just as corrupt. I try to interpret the bible knowing that my wisdom cannot comprehend the logical thought processes of Christ. And I am glad religion and the state are separated because I believe that people should have their own beliefs. Many of us have had tough hardships and thus have different interpretations of religion. That is completely understandable. My job is to glorify my savior in any way I can. I’m not here to judge or ostracize anyone

        • Damarcus. I maybe an atheist but I respect your calm and respectful responses. You show actual intelligence and wisdom.

    • So Demarcus, What you are saying is if someone was threating you or your family you wouldnt do anything? Just stand there and watch your family die? I dont care who you are but if you threatin my family I will not and repeat WILL NOT think twice about putting a bullet in between thier eyes!! You cant sit behind a computer and tell me you would not take a life to save your family!! If you would do that all I got to say is you are a cowardice pussy!!! I havent been in military but have plenty of family members retired and active and wouldnt hesitate do do the same!! So with closing I say to you PISS OFF with all your shit about not doing anything!!!

      • Hello John Jones. I am very glad you asked this question. This is one of the most difficult questions that I often ask myself. Honestly, I do not think I could answer this question unless I was in that position. I am definitely close to my family, and I completely understand your view point. I would be extremely pissed off knowing that one of my family members died. But revenge only leads to more revenge. Humans act on emotions. It is easy to get or want revenge on another. It takes true spiritual prowess to let God handle punishment to another one of his images. I pray that god gives me the strength to righteously make these tough decisions in our lives.

    • I understand you may not believe in what the military does. furthermore: you maybe completely against the killing of another human. But if I may, You do live under the protection of the USA military , it is because they kill others that you have the freedom to say you don’t believe in it. But if your telling me you would rather live in those countries who are trying to kill my sons. Then I say may God bless you on your trip to those lands and I pray they follow your thoughts and beliefs on not killing God’s images, because then perhaps I won’t have to pray each night that God watches over my sons and protects them from suicide boomers and Over the top holy rollers from what ever religion who believe they know what God wants and are ready to kill for what they believe in. I believe in love. I believed that God showed us love and gave us love. He also understood that you must stand for what is right. And just for you I thought I would through in this bit of information.John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. or Romans 5:7
      Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. but my favorite is 1 John 3:16
      This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.
      now I know our Military lay down their lives for us each and every day , When have you ever lay down your life ?

      ~mother and wife to military men ~

      • Hello, thank you for commenting on my comment. Thank you for understanding my disposition. However, if i may add, some of the bible verses you have referenced have some loose interpretations: in particular John 3:16. he also laid down his life so that we would not have to sacrifice a lamb. Sacrificing a lamb is not enough to cleanse our sins. In particular, Jesus Christ laid down his life for us so that WE DO NOT HAVE TO LAY DOWN OUR LIVES FOR OUR SINS. This is the reason why we do not have to sacrifice our selves for our brethren. Sacrificing yourself merely covers up the testimony of Jesus Christ. There is no greater sacrifice than him. No one has had greater hardships than him. So trying to sacrifice oneself using ones own blood just mocks Jesus Christ. We are meant to be disciples of christ. That is our duty. His disciples will be condemned by the meek of the earth. Thus in John 15:13, laying down your life does not mean to literally lay down your life. John understood the importance of Jesus’s sacrifice. Laying down your life for others means putting them first and making their need more important than your own. The verse is about being selfless and sacrificial in your actions towards others rather than selfish. The literal context contradicts the actions of John

        • So would your families need to be protected from someone trying to kill them be “more important” than your need not to kill?? Or would you be selfish and watch them die….

    • Damarcus is stating something so poignant and respectable concerning the value of human life… and there are a dozen comments here of people who only care to talk about killing. I am by no means a religious person and I can understand and value what is being said. Life isn’t something any one of us is entitled to take from anyone. Every single one of us is here because of someone else. All of us are fortunate to have a life. Yet many want to justify taking another’s life. All of this killing doesn’t make us safer. It enrages those people. Hate breeds more hate. Now I’m not saying something cannot be done… but killing… is a primitive approach. It takes no intelligence. Working together takes patience and understanding. Something that could prevent the loss of all the lives lost… All of your loved ones… friends and family would still be here if less hated was displayed and more effort was put into a positive approach. Sadly that day will come too late for many. While you mourn your husband, wife, son, daughter or your best friend… remember that everything could have been handled in a way where they would still be there with you. In the moment you realize this… don’t be mad at the people who killed them… be mad at who made the decision that this was the solution to a clearly more complex problem. Supporting the wars and deaths are the reasons why your loved ones are dead. You cannot have a war when only one side is fighting. Teaching these people to defend themselves is an entirely different subject. It is not an aggressive hateful approach. The solution is preventing death… not killing. We already know that killing only makes things worse.

      • Thanks Dustin! I’m so glad you understand. You are very special and people like you inspire me to spread the word!

      • So I suppose we, as soldiers and Americans are just supposed to lay down and take it in the ass from any other country that wants to kill our citizens simply because they’re American? I guess the correct response to 9/11 would have been to say, whoa Taliban…good one, you really got us there buddy but it’s cool because we don’t want to hurt anyone. And what about Israel? Are they showed to just sit back and take it up the tail pipe from every middle eastern country that wants to see them eradicated? We have a military to keep us safe and secure, and our military sometimes has to kill in order to accomplish this. Any society that tried your approach would soon be wiped off the planet. It’s time for you to pull your head out of the clouds and wake up from fantasy land.

      • You are a terrorist dream come true!!! Having intelligence means you know who you can work with and last I checked, terrorists don’t talk with their mouths off their hearts expressing their feelings!!! They talk with deadly force and don’t care about your rhetoric!!

    • Don’t worry damascus, I’m sure some one will forgive you for ypu ignorance of bible verses and apparant lack of reality…

      -Iraq and Afghabistan Vet

    • Dam ar cusin gram)
      Has spoken like sos. U know the type, they love their fredom of speach as long as “they” are not the front line American fighting to perserve that right! Can I get an amen brothers and sistas!

    • Are you kidding me the only reason that you can safely have the opinions you have about the war is because those men and women are there fighting for you and those very opinions you hold. Just as many many ppl I wish that our troops didn’t have to die everyday but no matter your beliefs you should support our troops as they make it possible for you to have your opinions an beliefs .

    • You sin everyday Damarcus. If you knew your bible, the Lord looks at one sin no greater than the other. Lying, stealing, cheating, ect.. the Lord above looks at it all the same. I am against killing, but by God if my orders send me into combat, then I will be defending myself and my country. My Lord WILL forgive me.

    • Def a Jehovah’s Witness, I can see right through the self righteous garbage you are spewing. If anyone is guilty of a crime it is the innocent children you kill by deying life saving blood transfusions. Now is the time where you tell us that there are alternatives such as the platelets and so on, and to that I say even of you take the jelly out of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich it’s still a piece of that same sandwich it came from. Sorry everyone for getting off topic, so back to my orriginal statement you are welcome, just remember to enjoy that freedom and safety to knock on doors and preach on Saturdays givin to you by the same people you publicly bash, instead of having to worry about road side bombs taking your lower extremities off you have that safety and freedom. Your welcome you self righteous prick

    • If it was not for the military and things u are talking down about u would not have the freedom to post your belief on this matter. I feel dumber having to read your post thanks a lot ddddddddumbass…..

    • You’re 100% wrong and I will prove it.

      For he [the government/governmental authorities] is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he [the government/governmental authorities] does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil. (romans 13:4)

      The government has the right to use capital punishment on criminals just like what is said in the last portion. In simpler terms, soldier’s will not have to answer for the killing during war as long as it was ordered by the government or i.e. a higher ranking officer. Anything outside of that is evil.

      Thank you.

      • Sorry AuWde but this is probably the weakest argument I have read in this thread. Authority has the right to punish wrong doers, yes. But are you saying that everyone whom our government justifies as evil is evil? What about other Christians nations whom we have had conflict with whom have said that we are evil. Technically by your logic, if other Christian nations call us evil then they have a right to irradiate us. You misread the context of that passage. You also failed to meant that we have the power to rebel against authority when they are doing gods work for evil. How are Afghanistan or Iraqi soldiers practicing evil? By what, killing us? We aren’t even a full Christian nation. We have religious freedom. They aren’t persecuting us because of our religion!!!!!!! That is the problem with your argument. We have no justifiable reason under god to be killing middle eastern civilians or troops

    • Ook… u need to read bible a bit heavier. War is not against god. Because if those soldiers weren’t fighting for your right to be ignorant there,then someone here would have to. Do you have what it takes to kill someone who can, will,and maybe trying to kill you. If not then your only comment should be thanking them for their service. What would you do to a killer if not try to survive. You gonna throw your bible at them and pray? I’m a christian yes. But I have family who got hurt and killed so people like u can call them sinners. Fuck u ppl sin tht hooah!

        • Ok for the past ten mminutes I have been reading this name calling and biblical stuff. So let me put a few things out there. I’m a three time veterans and still serving (9 years now) and i have to say no matter what you say and what someone else says it will not change anyone mind.
          As far as the biblical things, I am a Roman Catholic so I do know a few things. A lot of blood has been shed in the Lord’s name and mainly by Christian. Hell the pope had his own Templars executed. So let’s crush this craps now it won’t change anything but just piss people off.

    • I think if you open up your Bible and read it you will see that what you said is off base. War is a part of history and godly men have taken part in it. To act like you are nothing but righteous and dont have sin in your life is neglecting reality. If you want to reach people for the glory of Christ know Gods word and how to appropriately do so instead of making Gods word fit your agenda against war and our soldiers. And despite how righteous or unrighteous you find anyone, if you are a follower of Christ, you are called to love people despite their sin. I pray your heart will learn to love those who have sacrificed so much for you whether you agree with it or not my friend.

      • Hello, thank you for commenting. How has anything I’ve said come off f being all righteous. You are making statements yet you are not backing them up in any way.

    • So, in your bloviating, sheltered opinion, you are “meek?” Hidden behind layers of internet, starving for attention you’ve finally decided to weigh in on the world around you. Rested high in your armchair, you are ready to dictate morality that you supposedly gleaned from your vast knowledge of the bible. You speak of death and war as though you’ve been there rather than having posted yourself in front of a television for most of your life. Get a grip, troll. Your reality is shallow.

    • Have you read the Bible? What makes you think you can judge others, are you the king of men, are you Christ? Do you know anything about God? To murder is a sin, to kill in war is not murder. Have you read the book of Joshua, have you heard the story of how the Israelites destroyed Jericho? God does not punish righteous war, but ” those who judge will be judged by the father in heaven”

    • Hey buddy, I understand that you have your right to an opinion. I just wish you could see what myself and my comrades have gone through and continue to go through every day so that you can post your opinion. You will never understand what it is like until you have seen the things I have and seen a people that don’t have someone fighting for their freedom every day.

    • Damarcus. I had this discussion with GOD and the 10 commandments in it`s original form the word KILL means to murder in code blood. David killed Goliath and God was with him. several times God was with his people to protect and told them to kill the enemy. the police, military as well as civilians carry weapons not to go out and just kill people. they carry them to protect themselves from being killed from someone wanting to harm them. I prayed a lot about this before I got my ccw license.

      • Damarcus Ingram . I go to church too BUT I wouldn’t hesitate to defend my family if they meant harm to them. I would go on patrol in a minute if I could. you need to do LOTS of PRAYING and ask for the HOLY SPIRIT to show you the REAL meaning of scriptures.

    • it is not a sin . if you murder it is . but islam is the enemy of all but islam so stated by them. to kill them while they are armed is acceptable by God , unfold the meaning of the verses you read with the help of a pastor , priest , rabbi and or study bible . let God judge the soldiers according to their behavior in battle because they are our protectors and i pray for their safety and their spiritual well being.

  15. Everyone seems to forget that Reagan did the same thing to the troops in Beirut, the death toll was 241 American servicemen: 220 Marines, 18 sailors and three soldiers plus some French Servicemen. But keep putting your medals of honor on Reagan but maybe one day you’ll realize that none of these presidents give a damn about any of you, but have you hating each other for the dumbest reasons so they can keep their wealth and power.

    • No,, we didn’t forget,, it’s just that HE ISN’T PRESIDENT ANYMORE IDIOT!


    • I Would like to state something to this @ Antonius. People have been dying since the beginning of time rather it is a soldier or not. Its not the president giving most commands to soldiers of the military to make war. There is a process first and congress is the one who gave permission to start the war. Please know what you are talking about before you write something you don’t know what you are talking about.

  16. Why would they obey such a ridiculous order? They are not dolls, they are soldiers, Guns are to protect themselves and others, they need to carry their weapons or get out of there. Obama is doing this cause this traitor loves the American blood, he is sacrificing them to his god the devil, the allah of the his brothers the Muslim terrorists. You don’t have to obey, you did not sign for suicide, you did not sign to be murdered.

  17. This can’t be true. Would someone give me the source this came from. All it said here was someone from a FOB in Afghanistan. That sounds suspect to me.

  18. All I keep reading is hatred and racism, and then people commenting that we should go back to our genocidal and racist roots. Yes, Obama is an idiot, but so’s the Pope, so should we start bashing Catholicism? Stop acting like children, for f$#k’s sake.

    • Moron…. Really?!? I am an agnostic, but this comment boarders on lunacy. The President leads the most powerful nation. The Pope leads [in a very loose sense] a religion. Your basis for this diatribe is not even in the same ball park Justin. Its people like you that start Wars. You shoot off at the mouth before you even think.

    • Islam = making genocide a logical solution to dealing with them since 1500 AD
      I HATE MUSLIMS JUSTIN AND YA KNOW WHAT,, that kind of hate is healthy and if you don’t like it I don’t give a rats ass, you sound like someone I could hate just listening to your pathetic piss ant whining like the little bitchy emotional tampon you are son.

  19. Obama you are one very lucky dude right now…BUT… SOON… the Bell Will Toll….PERIOD.

    May Our Creator give you peace and another free golf ball ,cause you ain’t got none to play with…PUSSY CAT.

  20. Why do we still have troops in Afghanistan, BIN LADEN IS DEAD! HE was the reason we had troops there. IF Obama regime refuses to allow them to defend themselves they need to bring them home! NOW! They pulled that junk when my brother was in Vietnam. Couldn’t have a chambered round. I can’t understand the Congress allowing Obama to do this. Of course after Senator Schumer made his comments about Conservatives and the GOP nothing surprises me much. Obama still plans to take over this country before the 2016 elections,if the Socialist party maintains majority in the senate and gets control of the house… AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT IS DEAD!

    • Oh yes, that’s just what my main concern is, with my son gearing up for his deployment to Afghanistan – that he have a ‘harder time killing innocent civilians’ with his unloaded weapon! I guess in your mind, his life, as one working to protect your liberties, is expendable as a fair exchange! Fuck that

        • @ Ronald Neil Pair , that has got to b the most ignorant comment I have ever heard…my son is training right now to protect your right to be as ignorant as you seem to be, ..@ Danise Kaye, God bless our boys for serving our country, God help them under this administration.

    • I just came back from afghan. the # of civ killed by u.s. mil has been zero for at least 18 months. the local insurgents are attacking local civ & blaming us.

    • You have no room to speak sir unless you have been there I have no clue what media sight you watch or your political beliefs are nor will I attack them but you need to know that civilians are seldom killed that way nor are they generally killed by us. Troops unlike what the media says. The terrorist groups tend to kill there own people and media says it was us and typically if they do attack a village or city the civilians are a not around or if they are roe says only if positive Id has been made and there is no chance of hitting a non combative can we fire. So please keep your uniformed opinions to yourself. Thank you because of people like you who believe evil does not exist we have to sacrifice everything.

      • Well said Aaron. Unless you’ve been shot at and have had to shoot back at real people, not silhouettes, you have no right to criticize. Semper Fi brother.

        • No I actually have every right to talk sir. I am not criticizing our troops. I’m simply making statements based in my religious values. You do not have to be shot at to know the difference between right and wrong. I cannot begin to fathom the idea of being shot at or taking a life, nor do I want to. I’m simply saying it is not righteous.

  21. If this is true it has to be the most asinine policy in existence. I spent six years on a carrier where security department would have sentries walking the ship surrounded by fellow US sailors and they carried M-9 service pistols with a round chambered and safety on. If they need to be armed and loaded to walk around the ship that they are stationed on to police fellow sailors, then with that logic how is it that our troops on the ground in an unstable area do not have an endless variety of weapons cocked locked and ready to rock? Perhaps Obama should take a stroll through the streets with all his cronies and have their security personnel follow the same protocols.

    • Damarcus…….I am a Christian and do not primarily agree with taking a life BUT what would you do in their shoes? You are told not to tolerate evil and at times you have to fight fire with fire.You are sent out as sheep amongst wolves,you have to be wordly wise,yet innocent.Jesus got pretty damn fired up with the money lenders didn’t he?He didn’t talk to them and come to some agreement,no,he kicked ’em out! Anyway,before BNI slaps my wrist for bringing religion into it,here endeth the lesson.Wise up and know that these fine men are fighting for truth and justice and to keep you(and me) safe in our beds,be proud of them and proud that they too are fighting for good.

  22. Now is the time for good Americans to finally come together and clean the halls of government and replace them all and then scrap all the executive orders written by that moron in the white house and bring our troops home ALIVE!

  23. I do not know if this is true or not, but if so, it is an asinine policy! I DO know, however, that in 1970, at Fort Ord, California, troops were assigned on base guard duty with unloaded weapons, a VERY DUMB and stupid situation, that encouraged me NOT to re-enlist! Either you patrol WITHOUT a weapon, or, if you carry one, it should be READY to use! This is an example of what we can expect, coming from those commanders (Presidents) that have NEVER SERVED in the U.S. military as an enlisted warfighter! I did not wish to continue being a part of such foolishness!

  24. I am very sorry but this story cites no references and is over three years old. Also, it makes me sad that this sight exists solely to marginalize, and discriminate against a group of people who do things differently then we do in the West. Sure, certain INDIVIDUALS who follow Islam have done terrible things, but the U.S. has way more blood on its hands than anyone else. Also, I feel very sorry for half the people commenting because you just believe stuff like this without any second thoughts. No wonder every fucking country in the world thinks we are all fat idiots here in the states.

      • I agree completely Chris. Continue to Cling to truth. This entire site is obviously composed over religious discrimination.

        • I hope you realize that Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the quaran. If you knew anything about other religions other than Christianity which is a fallacy by the way you’d know this. But I’m sure you were indoctrinated into your dumb beliefs just as most Muslims have.

      • Here is an IDEA ,: don’t bring all the troops home yet restrict the armed forces more and more , till they revolt when they revolt call for marshall law at home (i’m sure we will find a exuse for that, ) so we will have to fight the citizens with our own heavely armed troops ,ACORN , NSA , WH ISLAMS.,IRS HOMELAND SECURITY ETC,ETC. most of our armed forces are still overseas .they can’t interfear here we also have those 3 (three) nuclear warships on which we have some of our ow (Islam)? trained on and fired the original crews we get this country on its knees in no time .

        Rulie Haveman might that be the reason all those islams were placed in important positions in the government ?’and WH ?

    • I just returned from a tour in Afghanistan…I have nothing to say besides you are rally fucking ignorant. Do a tour then reply, or just keep your opinion yo yourself..

      • If we all had to go to war to have an opinion of it, there would be nobody left on this planet. Before you joined the military, you had an opinion of war, specifically the Afghan war. That’s why you joined up. Your opinion was strong enough in your mind to justify invading a foreign land, for a country where the majority did not want you to fight. It is true that a criminal understands the truth of the perpetrated crime better than the judge and jury, but he’s still the criminal.

    • ROE does state not to be fired unless fired upon and to have weapon unloaded when inside a green zone and inside Military vehicles. Once in the red zone may military personal be aloud to lock and load!

  25. This article is not entirely correct. Here are you weapon status’ per US Military and Contracting SOP:

    Green: Weapon on safe, no magazine in the magazine well (or belt on feed tray) and no round in chamber
    Amber: Weapon on safe, magazine in magazine well (or belt on Feed Tray) no round in chamber
    Red: Weapon on safe, magazine in magazine well (belt on feed tray) and round in chamber
    Black: Weapon on Fire, Magazine in magazine well (belt on feed tray and bolt in fire position) round in chamber.

    Just to clarify. But here in Afghanistan, we have not been told anything like this, and for the very reason (which is so obvious) we will not be expecting to either. In Iraq, certain calibers were taken out of our arsenals as the conflict progressed, such as .50 cal and some .30 cal weapons. Many of us told our Platoons that we would not be following that order. This was also the same time frame that commands were informed that we were to allow civilian locals and their vehicles into our convoys… again, we refused to comply. We were issues non lethal devices like pen flares, and we lit the shit out of vehicles that got to close. It was not worth the life of our troops.

    If this becomes the case here in Afghanistan, then it truly is time for all of us to drop all the good things being done here, and leave. If the government doesn’t understand that, they need to be the next force we send into combat and see how they like the abuse.

    • My man is in Kabul, he keeps hoping every day the White House will finally send the Troops home and he is a true soldier. What gets me is the suicide bomber 2 days ago, killed 2 soldiers and 2 locals and it did not even make the news, only the spoiled brat Justin Beever or whatever his name is. If the country loved the American soldiers why aren’t they more informed of what is really going on there? I want my fiance returned safely to me. All they are doing is trying to help the country and risk their lives daily

      • CC, I heard that report but no mention that Americans were killed. Criminal media. Prayers to keep your loved one safe over there. Thank him for his service from the many military veterans and supporters here at BNI.

  26. Obama sucks ass….he is by far the worst president we ever had……he should be over there patroling a fucked up country…let them take care of there own people….let them kill themselves…..let us take care of our own country….bring our troops home.

  27. I realize that the artical is from 2010 and don’t know if this is still obama’s policy. However, if it’s still in effect, the first military personal who looses his/her life because of this policy or shot because there was no ammo in their weapon, then obama should be brought up on charges of murder. I know it will only be possible to charge obama with 2nd degree, but atleast he will have to answer for his policy of stupidity. I somehow doubt this is still policy since this artical is from 3 yrs ago.

  28. The banksters finance all sides. Simultaneously they finance the military, radical Muslims and the “peace movement”. Just like they finance both Dems and Republicans. This is how a tiny few rule humanity through the money system. Solution? The “have-nots” must issue their own money. Then hire the police and military to work for them instead of the banksters. This is the only peaceful solution. “War is a racket” -Smedley Butler USMC

  29. We patrolled in N.Ireland with ‘loaded’ weapons all the time. We would only ‘ready’ if we were contacted. The difference being the IRA, if they engaged with small arms it would normally be from a long range. Effectively weapons ‘ready’ or not we probably wouldn’t even see them and really on a ‘steer’ from the sound of the fire to find the firing point. They wouldn’t normally get involved in a full-on lengthy contact, shoot and get out before we could return accurate fire. This is a totally different situation to an active warzone! The idea of troops from any nation having to patrol with an empty chamber is ludicrous!

  30. I am not a supporter of the current administration…but as a service member who has spent 50 months of his life deployed in combat, this is absolutely ridiculous. I truly think this story is BS because no ground Commmander in their right mind would send his troops outside the wire without being locked and loaded.

  31. you know back in the day it was wrong to shoot an unarmed man, and now we have a TERRORIST in our WHITE house telling us not to arm ourselves hoping and praying that everyone will abide by that rule, in time of war there are no rules, its either live or die, kill or be killed, if i were all the front lines and i was told not to carry a chambered weapon id shoot the mother fucker, this TERRORIST is asking us not to kill HIS fellow man when it was HIS fellow man that came to OUR COUNTRY and attacked us FIRST, what did we do we attacked right back with chambered weapons, yes alot of us died over seas and my heart goes out to all but they did it for their country they did what was right, it is suicide to march in with no bullets, how the fuck are we supposed to defend ourselves, hand to guns? doesnt work like that people, protect yourselves OVER SEAS AND HERE ON OUR LANDS, DONT TRUST THE TERRORIST IN OUR WHITE HOUSE. HES NOT OF OUR CULTURE HES OF THEIRS , THE ENEMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. This article is three years old. My husband and many friends have been there and this simply is not true. Yes, Obama has changed the rules of engagement, but this is not one!! Let’s read the article guys.

  33. Right on I think it’s time our military do a coup against Obama, our White House is under siege by Muslims and Obama is trying to destroy America and our military!

  34. This is such horse shit I have plenty of friends in the armed forces spread world wide and the fact that some soldiers may be forced to patrol without a chambered round is blasphemy…soldiers have been trained and have been operating this way for decades…them not having a round chambered will not deescalate a situation when a fire fight breaks out all your doing is giving the enemy extra time to put a bullet in an american soldier. There are already plenty of thing they have to go through in order to engage an enemy. Why would you hinder their duties even further by making it take longer to protect themselves and the people they are there to free. Get your heads out of your asses and let our soldiers be

  35. Simple. Lets send these jerk-ass politicians over there to patrol with un-loaded weapons. These asshole politicians did the same thing during the
    Viet Nam war

  36. Obama is a f7ck8n idiot and needs to get out of office , he is doing nothing but ruining this country !!!! No one likes him , he is endangering ours soldiers and our country with his bullshit !!!! Question what country is he for ? Not the us !!!

  37. Perhaps it’s time that those in charge of protecting Obama and his family do it without a loaded gun. What’s good enough for our military is certainly good enough for him!

  38. Talk about making sitting ducks out of our military. Maybe Obama should go over their and lead the patrol! This is totally insane, and I would have to defy the orders if my commander told me that I would tell him to take the lead in the patrol. We need to get rid of the idiots to keep the majority of soldiers safe, or at least safer! Obama is not a commander in chief, he is an imposter in the position of President! Why he is still there is beyond me. The congress wants to support him let them fall with him. Put them over there to lead the patrols as well.

  39. That is the reason we lost 245+ Marines and Navy Corpsman in Beirut because the sentries were not given rounds and the rag head drove a bomb loaded truck into the barracks

    • Is it not the duty of a military service person to disobey an illegal order? If someone in Congress won’t grow a spine and start impeachment proceedings then at least eliminate all Secret Service and any other protection Obama has. See how he feels to be on equal ground.

  40. Get OBAMASS in an aircraft, with a “vanilla” weapon, and drop him in the middle of the biggest action happening over there.. see how his SORRY ASS likes it.. its time folks, we need to GET RID OF THIS CRAZY ASSHOLE.. before he totally ruins OUR COUNTRY..

  41. No bullet in Chamber is to restrain Happy Trigger Reactions on the Invaders…
    Just let the Kenyan asshole blow them up with drones right ???
    Hypocrisy runs rampant among the clowns of the Empire…

  42. Where are the orders to have the militarized police departments wander the streets of “hometown” without one chambered?

    We’ll see how far THAT order gets!

  43. They are dead meat, this bastard is writing their death sentence. Obviously his loyalties are with our enemy, not us. Is obama doing it on purpose to kill off our military on purpose? If that is the case the Military needs to arrest the bastard. Enough is enough folks. it is time to act and act fast

  44. What else. Just take me out of country and all troops should do the same. The problem with a messed up White House with it full of Muslims and Muslim lovers is they will do what ever it takes to try and defeat our troops. They will be having us patroling without weapons next.

  45. What is wrong with them Commander have our service members not being on the ready by not having a round in the camber at all times. Piss poor deal if I have to say so.

  46. Article dated May 2010. ROE have been slanted against US troops for a long time. As the mom of two USMC with multiple deployments to Afghanistan I know that the US government is deliberately risking our troops in order to pacify a foreign nation that does not want us there and is not grateful for our service.

    • Jeff, I have mentioned several times that the article is from 2010. I don’t know how it reached the TOP POSTS list now. Someone must have found it in the archives, not checked the date, and posted it on Facebook or something.

  47. Obama is an Unconstitutional president! if this order is true then this shows how mentally unstable Obama is and that he is unfit to hold the office of president! this order is unconstitutional and as such shall NOT be followed or enforced!

  48. Is this even a lawful order? Who ever came up with this insane order needs to get their happy ass up to the front line, and do a little show and tell, perhaps lead from the front. Not from the rear guarded by a marine holding your damn umbrella. As far as I am concerned and I am concerned, Marines, don’t ask and don’t tell. Your squad leader will tell you where to go, and its up to you to read and react to the situation you find yourself. and here is a word of advice. Lock the bolt back close the dust cover, and leave your thumb on the release on its way to turning off the safety. But I would just leave the bolt back and safety off, but I won’t tell. And you can Quote this Marine, it is what I would do.

    • I’m sure they were all ‘locked and loaded’…The President might be ignorant, but the TROOPS know ‘Stay Alert=Stay Alive. I agree…EVERY U.S. PRESIDENT SHOULD HAVE HAD SERVED IN THE U.S. ARMED FORCES to be able to fill that position.

    • If it was my patrol as a former Section leader I’d take that as an unlawful order and my Marines would be condition “1”, if they wanted to charge me bring it on, I’d claim unlawful order. As a Sgt my main job was the training and bringing my men home. I’d be damd if my men were on patrol with out a weapon ready to engage.

  49. During the First World War Australian soldiers were ordered to attack without bullets thousands were slaughtered. A murderous waste of life. Learn from our mistakes please.

  50. All the Army has to do is ignore the order and start an insurgence against Obama. If they truly thought he was in the wrong, Obama wouldn’t be able to tell any of the military what to do. I don’t understand why this country is so complacent. They think because one person was voted into an office, that they absolutely have to listen to him. We don’t have to listen to stupid people when they tell us not to punch them back after they punch us, so listen to someone who is telling us not to load a weapon when they are loading theirs. It’s stupid. If Obama went up to a person who hated him and had a gun on him, ready to murder him, and said don’t shoot because my gun is not filled with bullets, what do you think would happen?

    • complacent? this country has raised a BUNCH OF WEENIES! Worthless, hand-out, panty waste WEENIES.. IF they don’t stand up soon, we will all be stuck with a Dictatorship, Socialist Country.. and everything the “REAL” AMERICANS fought for, will be lost!

  51. Ok, having read this article I must say 2 things: 1) Gen McChrystal has been retired for several years, now and the Rules Of Engagement (ROE) existed before and after his time as Commander of UN forces in Afghanistan. They have been modified over time, to fit the changing political situation. 2) “Red” status does not mean a round is chambered with the “Safe” off. “Safe” is always on even in “Red” status until just before the troop aims and fires the weapon. The accuracy of this article is to be desired and the veracity is doubtful.

    • Jeff Cooper’s and USMC ROE parallel to a point. Colors (USMC-cond Black), numbers, escalation stages. Handguns, Rifles differ. (Glock solved the basic issue of ‘off-on’ safety).
      Far more pressing issue for US mil is total frustration. (btw also suffered by former occupiers, Soviet mil), Portion of US mil is now ‘enhanced’ by prescribed SSRI’s, resulting in more deaths by suicide in Afghanistan, than actual engagement. US govt considers those individuals that ‘they’ administered drugs, unstable when they return, discouraged (prohibited is coming) from having access to weapons.

      added note: Facts not revealed, SSRI prescriptions are involved in the overwhelming majority of ‘crisis’ news, reporting of atrocities across the USA. eg: Lanza…Fanapt.

  52. The Obama administration is in serious need of counseling. I think those guys are crazies. Whatever happened to common sense below common sense. Sometimes, when I sleep too much because I don’t work and I’m disabled, I forget to have common sense. I think those guys are asleep. They’re not awake.

    Too many agendas, too many problems caused with little answers.

  53. Thank you BareNakedIslam for pointing out more than once this is a 3 year old story. However; this current administration, starting at the top, Needs to be removed and some jailed or sent to a Muslim or Islamic nation and denied return to the United States

  54. Now this is the right time for USA citizens to think why ? your president doing this…..?? and act to save your brothers fighting to the enemies of HUMANITY….
    This is the time to act OR ITS LATE….

  55. This order came from Obama he is a wolf in sheep clothes. He befriended the muslims where he belong. Removed him from power and wake up america this is a disgrace for the great american soldier!

  56. This is an order that cannot be obeyed. If such an insane order was to be given to Australian troops it would not be obeyed.
    Australian officers are taught that it is their duty to refuse to obey orders that are illegal, insane, or are tactically unsound. I have no idea whether or not US officers are taught the same, or something similar, but it is time to say NO.

    • Yes Carl it is the same for the US at least it was before I retired from the service. We were told not to deliberately put or men in harms way. This is putting our men in Harms way.

  57. if soldiers obey that order than they are going to be the only ones responsable for their own deaths. that is not a lawful order because it puts u in harms way and must be rejected.. Obama has gone off the deep end and i know he want to kill off the troops because they are loyal to the constitution..

  58. Our Soldiers need to refuse the ignorant orders NOW! I hope they no not follow the orders of that Ignorant Incompetent Piece of Sh*t Ghetto Trash

  59. I was in lebenon as a Marine and we had minimum rounds but guess what , improvise over come and adapt. Fuck bein in the right I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6 Semper fi to all who have to deal with this bullshit

      • Probably no better…

        ALL American troops need to be brought HOME – especially in order to help TOPPLE that good-for-nothing Obama!!!! He and the ENTIRE “Democrat” Party (as well as RINOS – for that I’d include all the Bush family plus the McCains, Romneys and other such dynasties!!!) need to be overthrown and divested of ALL their offices, have all their wealth confiscated and then put on trial for treason, murder, attempted murder, stealing and so much else!!!!

        Then, ALL of the unions, big-business, law-firms, bankers and ESPECIALLY academics need to be purged – all those who’re Moslem, Nazi or Communist should be at the minimum branded and dumped into appropriate counties (North Korea for Communists and Nazis, Saudi Arabia and Iran for Moslems), NEVER to come back. The most important ones and ringleaders, while their families should have at least one generation spent in menial labour or suffer some other severe punishment unless they can prove they’re better than what their convicted relatives have been…

        Sorry, but I’m so TOTALLY SICK to imagine – let alone read – that good Americans are being so MALTREATED by those who so obviously HATE THEM!!!!!

    • There is an easy way around lack of ammunition: use the enemy’s weapons. That is what Australian soldiers (I used to be one) do a hell of a lot of the time, especially since our man-killing FN FAL L1A1 rifles were replaced by the 5.56x45mm Styer mouse guns. The bodies of your slain enemy are the best source of resupply.

  60. time for the military to realize that to follow these orders are suicide missions, and that no troops should be in a war zone and not armed to take immediate action. Or do we need more ft. hoods, and muslim terrorists to get first shots before reinforcement come.

    Better yet, send B.O. and his advisors there, with security that have no rounds chambered. Does secret service do this? Bet not.

    • Barry: It would be SO GREAT if the commanding officers REFUSED to send their men OUT INTO the fields period. This or a military coup seems to me to be OUR ONLY hope!

  61. God be with everyone. Our shoulders should do what they are trained to do. God be with our men and women in this situation. I send my prayers to all.

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