CAIR has a hotline to the FBI as anti-Muslim incidents go viral around America

America is NOT Europe. We will not submit to Islam. We will not make special accommodations for Muslims that we do not make for other religions. We will not give up our first amendment rights because even Muslims do not have the right NOT to be offended. We will forbid any form of Shari’a law to be practiced in America. We will fight back. We will not become Europe.

CAIR should be on the FBI “don’t respond” list considering that several members of CAIR are unindicted co-conspirators in the largest FBI terrorist financing case.  Other CAIR members have been deported. CAIR  uses legal jihad, in the form of daily complaints to law enforcement officials as well as bringing a barrage of lawsuits against American citizens, businesses, schools and institutions. CAIR is the ACLU with terrorist backing. CAIR is involved in virtually all such cases.

HATE CRIME: Criticizing Muslims in a Congressional race

HATE CRIME: Name calling and a black eye for a Muslim cab driver who thinks the sidewalk is a place to get down on his hands and knees and pray to Allah in the middle of the day.

HATE CRIME: Alleged name-calling and offers of bacon to Somali Muslim students in Minnesota. (Note: crime rates have soared because of Somali Muslim gangs there)

HATE CRIME: Anti-Muslim terrorist ads in GOP political campaign. CAIR demands Republican leaders repudiate advertisements that advocate racial profiling and promote Islamophobia.