Ever donate to the Red Cross? You are aiding and abetting the Taliban

Not unprecedented, the Red Cross also helped out the Nazis in WWII.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says it has given first aid training to Taliban members in Afghanistan.An ICRC statement said the organisation had provided basic training and first aid kits to about 70 members of the “armed opposition” last month.

A spokesman said that the training had been going on for some time to ensure that everyone is treated humanely. The spokesman said the ICRC’s constitution stipulates that all parties harmed by warfare will be treated as fairly as possible. Correspondents say that revelations that the ICRC is providing first aid training to the Taliban are not a surprise, but will nevertheless not go down well with many in the Afghan government.

The ICRC spokesman denied that by giving first aid training to the Taliban – rather than merely treating injured insurgents – it was crossing an important dividing line. “Our aim is to treat people when and where it matters most, irrespective of what side they are on,” he said. “It is a fundamental part of our objectives.

This astounding example of moral equivalence defies belief. While Western troops are being slaughtered in the hundreds in Afghanistan, this traitorous so-called humanitarian organisation is keeping the enemy battle fit. DO NOT GIVE THE RED CROSS YOUR MONEY UnDhimmi