EUROPE'S 'moderate' MUSLIMS: "We will never give up … until you submit to the law of Shari'a"

Sharia4Belgium/Muslim Rise were not allowed to protest in Brussels as planned, but their Muslim friends in the UK and Ireland did it for them by protesting in front of the Belgian embassies in those countries.

Thanks to Islam in Europe for the translations

A new Muslim organization, Muslim Rise, has sprung up in Belgium to organize a protest against the upcoming veil ban and demanding teh implementation of Shari’a law. The organization also invited well-known British radical Anjem Choudary.

Though they say they will have a peaceful demonstration against “the kuffar”, their role models are anything but. Khalid Ibn Waleed, Salahedinne Al Ayoubi, Mehmet Fatih are conquerors, and Omar Al Mokhtar was a Libyan resistance fighter against the Italian occupation.

Shari'a4Belgium flag

Democracy has failed again, and we will stress this too on the 22nd, our slogan is short, concise and powerful: the Muslim community is one community, their honor is one, their land is one, their battle is one..”

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