Arab woman describes the abuse that she and many Muslim women suffer at the hands of their husbands.

Myriam says, “I beaten to the bone from my Palestinian husband. We live in Gaza city..this is a joke to blame it on Israeli occupation. I’m embaressed how my people act-thats why Allah doesnt help us out.

They hurt us-me-their own kind! During the war, I begged Allah to kill dare they use Israeli occupation as an excuse-Israel-these are civilized Gaza & other Muslim places, they beat their wives and it’s “ok”. Why should Allah help us out anyway?  Our men want to do nothing but fight-instead of dealing with the fact, this is what we have-and to make something out of it. Allah doesn’t see us worthy.

Yet, i dont blame him. The men here have failed Allah’s test-of behaving “decent” and “humane”even under horrible circumstances! Instead of fighting & causing problems-they do nothing to deal with the cards we were given!  I’m paying the price for my husband being an animal, not becuz “occupation”-becuz he has no “natural” manners, decency-this is what Islam teaches him. It’s sick.” NY EXAMINER H/T Infidels are Cool

WIFE BEATING 101: The Rules according to Shari’a Law

In Islam, it is OK to beat your wife, just not in front of the children. And you must not break any bones or cause bleeding. A Muslim cleric in France wrote a book about how to beat one’s wife and how to do it without non-Muslim authorities finding out. Muslim men also are known to beat servants not only in the Arab world but in the United States, too.