Is the OBAMA REGIME trying to deport 'Son of Hamas' because he spied for Israel and converted to Christianity?

Does Obama see him as a traitor to Islam? He should be a major intel catch, yet Homeland Security thinks this Muslim convert to Christianity who defected from Hamas and provided invaluable intel on terrorists is a terrorist himself and poses a threat to THIS country.

Mosab Hassan Yousef has been instrumental in providing information that brought suicide bombers to justice. Some of the victims of the suicide bombers were wanted by the Americans for murders of their citizens. It was his information that helped crack cases that the Israelis could not crack. So how are the Americans thanking Mosab Hassan? They want to deport him.. In the opinion of the Department of Homeland Security, he is a terrorist threat and a danger to the US. When he came to the US, all that was known of him was that he had been a head of the Hamas youth organization. That did not raise any flags at the US borderr when he applied for a tourist visa. But now that he has announced his conversion, he is seen as a threat.

Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of the founders of Hamas. For a long time, Mosab Hassan was a loyal Hamas operative. But a chance encounter with a Christian tourist turned him around. He ended up working undercover for the Israelis. During his time of  working in Hamas for the Israelis, he actually saved the lives of Americans who were working to develop water resources for Arabs. He recalls this kindness as follows on his blogSon of Hamas.

“I also worked with 40 Americans on the USAID water project in the West Bank for five years. Who took care of their security? Who warned them not to come to Ramallah if there was going to be an Israeli military incursion or if there would be shooting? Who protected their offices? I wasn’t being paid to do that. I did it because of a Christian morality that taught me to love, not hate. I protected my manager. I protected everybody. Nobody hurt them.”

Mosab Hassan went public with the story of his conversion to Christianity. He wrote a book, “Son of Hamas” in which he tells his story. In Israeli prisons, he witnessed Hamas turning against and torturing its own members. He became disillusioned with them because of this.

In the eyes of his family, he is a traitor to his faith and people. If he were to walk the streets of his home town, he would be killed on sight. Today, he lives in Southern California, taking security precautions lest he be assassinated. There is no question that Mosab Hassan has burned his bridges behind him. He can not return quietly to his old life. He is a Christian, and propagating his adopted faith is his entire life.

On June 30, at 8 a.m., Mosab Hassan has hearing before Immigration Judge Rico J. Bartolomei at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration Court in San Diego. The Department of Homeland Security has promised Mosab Hassan that if Judge Bartolomei rules in his favor that they would appeal. Has the Department Homeland Security regarded him as a resource? Absolutely not. He is treated as an enemy.

It is mind boggling that Mosab Hassan is not recognized as a major “catch” for American intelligence. The thought that the US could be thinking of deporting him flies in the face of all logic. There are two conclusions that come to mind in looking at the mistreatment of Mosab Hassan. One is the possibility of dazzling ineptitude. The other possibility is far more sinister, that the US government  has switched sides. Such a conclusion fits well with the Obama administration bowing to America’s enemies and snubbing its long time allies.

Has the US switched sides? If Mosab Hassan is deported from the US, then the answer would, it seems be obvious. LINK