Latest reports out of Israel about the Gazilla 'peace' thugs

Israeli Navy witness describes the violent confrontation with which they were greeted upon boarding the ship.

Cache of weapons used by the peace thugs. 7 soldiers were injured during the incident, which included activists taking two pistols from the soldiers and firing at them.

During a search aboard the maritime vessel Mavi Marmara, IDF forces uncovered a cache of weapons including many knives, slingshots, rocks, smoke bombs, metal rods, improvised sharp metal objects, sticks and clubs, 5KG hammers, firebombs and gas masks in case IDF forces fired riot dispersal means at the activists as they violently attacked the soldiers.

Terrortilla ‘peace’ thugs stab IDF soldier.

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‘Peace’ thugs attacking Israeli soldiers.

Large groups of passengers surrounded soldiers and beat them with metal poles and chairs, and threw one soldier over the side of the ship. Some passengers grabbed pistols from the IDF soldiers and opened fire. As a result of the attacks, seven IDF soldiers were injured, and nine of the passengers were killed.

Mark Reven, Israeli government spokesman on the Gaza humanitarian ‘non-crisis.’

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Press briefing by Danny Ayalon of the Israeli MFA who speaks bluntly about the deaths of the ‘peace’ thugs.

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