Tardy for the Party – Now Bangladesh bans FaceBook, too

Two weeks after worldwide Muslim outrage erupted over the FaceBook sponsored ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad Day,’ Bangladesh leaps onto the blasphemy bandwagon with a ban on FaceBook of their own.

Bangladesh has become the second South Asian nation after Pakistan to block the popular social networking website Facebook over a page that urged people to draw images of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Chief telecommunication regulator Zia Ahmed confirmed that access to the site has been temporarily blocked because it was publishing caricatures that may hurt the religious sentiments of people in the Muslim-majority nation. It comes just over a week after a Pakistani court ordered the government to block the popular social networking website over the competition.

The page has caused an outcry throughout the Muslim world because images of the Prophet, even favourable ones, are considered blasphemous. Thousands of Muslims protested in Dhaka  against what they called Facebook’s “blasphemous conten.t”

In an attempt to respond to domestic criticism, the Pakistani government ordered Internet service providers in the country to block the page Tuesday. But a group of Islamic lawyers went one further – and asked the Lahore High Court on Wednesday to order the government to fully block Facebook itself.

This was because the site had allowed the page to be posted in the first place, said the deputy attorney general of Punjab province, Naveed Inayat Malik. UK DAILY MAIL