BELGIUM: MUSLIM executes female judge and her clerk in cold blood

The 47-year-old Iranian Muslim murderer had been granted a legal permit to stay in Belgium on ‘humanitarian’ grounds.

The two victims were shot in the head and died on the spot. The man managed to escape by foot, but was arrested in the Warande Park in the centre of Brussels. “The man pointed a gun at a building”, a witness told reporters. “Two policemen next pointed their guns at him.” They forced the man to  lie on the ground and were able to arrest him.

When he was arrested, the man cried out “let me die, I paid my taxes.” (Yes, damn it, I did my Islamic duty to kill infidels, now I want my 72 virgins)

The man is no stranger to the police. He was convicted in a case of assault and battery in 2005 and is known for his aggressive behaviour.

According to Justice Minister Stefaan De Clerck, the gunman had a personal conflict with the judge. He had been ordered by the judge to leave his house several times as he had problems to pay the rent. The man confessed to investigators that his motivation was revenge. “Three years ago, a court order forced the man to leave his apartment in Brussels”, explains Jean-Marc Meilleur of the Brussels judicial authorities. LINK H/T Islam in Europe

The bloodbath took place just after lunch in an annex of the Palais de Justice in central Brussels, where security had recently been stepped up because of a high profile terrorist trial.

‘The man was screaming all kinds of threats when he marched up to the women and shot them both in the head a number of times with a rifle,’ said an eye witness.

The man had shot Judge Brandon in the head before using another weapon, thought to be an axe, on her assistant. He said to have brought the axe down ‘heavily on the assistant’s back,’ said the eye witness.

The women, both in their 50s, were both married with children and were due to retire soon. UK DAILY MAIL H/T TROP