Oh, those poor ‘starving’ Palestinians

Did you know that the Arabs who have called themselves Palestinians only since 1967 have one of the highest obesity rates in the world?

The Arabic-language PalToday website, based in Gaza, recently posted pictures showing a world of plenty for residents, despite more than two years of reports that the area is suffering from a humanitarian crisis. Notice in the chart below (thanks to VLAD TEPES)  that the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank rank #8 for men and #3 for women in highest obesity rates.

However, its English website for foreign audiences showed a picture of misery, focusing on a girl who wanted her terrorist father freed by Israel. Israel has allowed thousands of trucks, bearing tens of thousands of tons of food, goods and equipment into Gaza, but the United Nations has claimed several times that a humanitarian crisis is “imminent.” The prevailing economy in Gaza is not an official economy but rather an economy of [smuggling] tunnels; there are no shortages in Gaza, but there is a problem of unemployment, primarily for civilians who are not close to Hamas and have no buying power. ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS



H/T for Photos: Michael