STOP THE MOSQUE Rally at Ground Zero a huge success!

Police estimates say between 5,000 – 10,000 protesters showed up to oppose construction of the  Islamic Terrorists’ Monster Mosque near Ground Zero. (NEW VIDEOS ADDED)

Thanks to Pamela Geller of ATLAS SHRUGS and Robert Spencer of JIHAD WATCH for organizing this event.

Pamela writes: Despite weather forecasts of thunderstorms and rain, the skies were clear and beautiful — but not as beautiful as this patriotic crowd of great Americans and Europeans. It was a real cross section of humanity ………. ever race, creed, color and religion were out in all their glory.

But this is just the beginning. We are going to sue to designate theBurlington building a war memorial. There is a large piece of an airplane in that building. That is a war memorial. Instead of a mega mosque at ground zero, let’s build a 911 war memorial to the victims. The current plan for a 911 museum is several floors underground, like a dungeon. And the mosque plan calls for the mosque to be on the top floor, looking down triumphantly on the burial ground of Ground Zero.

The Burlington building must be a war memorial, an historic landmark. We will sue to make that happen. We will protest again in September and stage sit-ins in front of the mosque should they try to break ground. Three thousand good and decent Americans did not die in vain.

Pamela Geller did interviews with Al-Jazeera, AP, Chilean television, Italian television and many others; I was interviewed by Italian television and TV Asia. ABC? NBC? CBS? CNN? Even FOX? AWOL.