MOST BRITONS VIEW ISLAM AS 'Violent, Radical, and Repressive of Women'

So why do their politicians continue to flood the country with Muslim immigrants who do not assimilate, but abuse the social welfare system, and insist on forcing their religious customs and government system onto native Brits?

According to the survey, most Britons believe:

* Islam is linked to violent extremism

* Islam as a faith has a negative impact of the faith on British values.

* Nearly six in ten associate Islam with radical views, and two-thirds believe it encourages the repression of women.

* Behind the Prophet Muhammed, the person Britons thought best represented Islam was Osama bin Laden.

Muslim groups disputed the findings, saying they did not think the poll represented the true beliefs of British people. Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadan Foundation said: ‘I think this is not a fair reflection of the tolerance, diversity and respect people have for Muslims. (Nope, it’s an accurate reflection)

‘Christians, Jews and people of no faith recognise Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace and they know that people who carry out terrorist attacks do not represent Islam and are not acting in the name of Islam.’ (Yes, they are)

The poll was commissioned by the Exploring Islam Foundation as part of a  campaign aimed at improving the image of Muslims. (A little late for that, isn’t it?)

Posters of Muslim professionals will appear on buses and the London Underground in an attempt to give a positive slant on their contribution to Britain. Each declares why they are, in the campaign’s title, ‘Inspired by Muhammad.’

It is led by former MTV presented Kristiane Backer, who declares herself to be an ‘eco-Muslim’. She said Islam’s values were ‘universal’ and ‘sit well with British values.(Delusional)

*But the poll of 2,152 adults found less than one in seven people regard Islam as a peaceful religion and one third see it as actively violent.

* Less than one in five believe it has a positive impact on British society and 68 per cent say it encourages the repression of women.

* A third of those polled said the Prophet Muhammed best represented Islam, followed by the Al Qaeda leader with 13 per cent.

* Just six percent associated Islam with either justice or protecting the environment.

The charity’s patron, Labour peer Lord Patel of Blackburn, said the poll caused him ‘deep concern’. ‘Islam has been a part of British life for generations and British Muslims make an important contribution to the UK’s economic and social well-being, and its rich cultural diversity. ‘Yet as this poll demonstrates today there remains a great deal of misunderstanding and distrust at the role of Islam and Muslim in Britain today.  As a British Muslim, proud of my faith and my country, this causes me deep concern.’

A spokesman for the Quilliam Foundation, the counter-extremism think tank, said: ‘This campaign is important because it can help non-Muslims to better understand the faith that inspires and guides their Muslim friends, neighbours, and colleagues. (How about getting Muslims to understand the faith that guides the majority of people?)

‘This initiative also helps British Muslims reclaim the Prophet Muhammad as a time-honoured guide for peace, compassion and social justice from those who seek to twist his teachings.(And that is exactly why Britain will be an Islamic nation in less than 20 years.) UK DAILY MAIL

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And here comes the Muslim response to all this negative polling: A total BS advertising campaign. LIES. LIES And MORE LIES.

As one would expect, this campaign is focused on external appearances, and not toward challenging allegedly “extremist” views among fellow Muslims. And it’s predictably deceptive. Glowing generalities like the one on the car pictured above require readers to project their own cultural understanding of ideas like “women’s rights” onto the propaganda presented to them.

Muhammad favored “women’s rights,” did he? But what was the extent of what he thought the rights of women were? Qur’an 4:34 allows men to hit their wives. Qur’an 2:23 says “our women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will.” Qur’an 2:282 says a woman’s testimony is worth half a man’s. And Sahih Bukhari 4.54.460 says “If a husband calls his wife to his bed (i.e. to have sexual relation) and she refuses and causes him to sleep in anger, the angels will curse her till morning.”

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