Need any more evidence that the Leftists are in bed with the IslamoFascists?

Leftist Blogosphere aligns with the enemies of Israel, America, and Civilization. And though it disgusts me to say so, Jews are among these leftie IslamoSlime lovers.

From: Doug Ross Journal

If you ignore the fact that Turkey’s new political leaders are Islamists, and if you ignore the fact that these same leaders used the “Peace Flotilla” as a thinly veiled method of breaking Israel’s blockade of Hamas, and if you ignore the fact that there is absolutely no humanitarian crisis whatsoever in Gaza, and if you ignore the fact that Egypt has sealed the border with Gaza and keeps its Arab brothers segregated, and if you ignore the fact that six million Israelis face 350 million Arabs who have tried for more than 60 years to cleanse the region of Jews; well, if you ignore all of that, odds are you’re a progressive or an Islamist.

Consider what passes for reasoned commentary at the racist cesspools that are today’s “progressive” blogosphere:

• Salon: Progressives are getting really, really pissed at the Democrat leadership: “The Democratic base is increasingly uncomfortable with its leadership’s unflinching support for Israel”, which is predicated upon pressure by the Zionist lobby. “Progressive criticisms of Israel becoming widespread among the Democratic base, a sense of urgency is taking hold, too… The trajectory of both party bases seems clear. Democrats are growing more critical of Israel as Republicans become more supportive. The only question is when this split will be reflected in party leadership.”

• Andrew ‘Glutes’ Sullivan: Those who defend Israel are deranged, because Israel has the most powerful military in the world and letting Palestinians resettle the land to which they have an unquestionable right is the only sane solution.

• FireDogLake:
The “humanitarian aid boat” that tried to break the Zionist blockade was a just cause, because of the 1.5 million starving residents in Gaza. And the blockade is definitely not Egypt’s fault, just because they sealed their border with Gaza. The Jews are to blame, no matter what. So we can’t discuss Egypt at all. Just the “massacre” of innocent terrorists peace activists.

• Daily Kos: While Democrat politicians lose their courage when dealing with the Zionists, the group Peace Nowspeaks for all of us when they state, “Israel marked a new low point in the way it chose to contend with its domestic and external policy dissidents… the domestic Israeli propaganda machine began to work and in just a few hours every Israeli will be recounting how Hamas helicopters took over a Jewish ship and shot illegal immigrants in all directions.”

• Raw Story:
Due to threats by the Zionist lobby, Democrat politicians are walking back their criticism of Israel. In fact, Harry Reid now blames the activists for their own deaths!

• The Washington Post’s Plum Line: Democrats are pathetic weaklings because they’re folding due to threats by the Zionist lobby. If Democrats had an ounce of sense, they’d express regret for the deaths ofterrorists peace activists and demand that the impartial U.N. get involved with an investigation.

• The Huffington Post’s Eileen ReadThe Jerusalem Post must fire writer Caroline Glick for helping create the musical video We Con the World, which is ‘tasteless and blatantly racist’.

• Juan Cole:
The 9 dead Hamas terrorists peace activists were shot 30 times! Plus, I believe every single report from my pals in the Arab media, because their accuracy has been well-documented.

What was once described as “the new face of antisemitism isn’t very new any more. And it isn’t a new face. It’s the same, centuries-old credo: blame the Jews. Oh, and you Jews who still vote Democrat despite the unchecked rise of anti-semitism on the left? There’s a word for you. I think it’s “Kapo.

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