Building a mosque in Staten Island? Not so fast

Staten Island, NY has a huge Italian-American community, some of whom are ‘wiseguys.’ So is an offer they can’t refuse in this mosque’s future.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A meeting about a controversial plan for the Muslim American Society to build a mosque in Midland Beach ended the same way it began: with tension, anger and even hostility.

The crowd expressed fury at the failure of any Archdiocese of New York representatives to attend the meeting, and toward Rev. Keith Fennessy,the parish pastor, who stepped down recently as the controversy grew. Bill Owens, a resident, rallied his neighbors to continue fighting againstthe plans by writing letters and calling the Archdiocese to “tell them you don’t like to be lied to.”

The two-hour affair, organized by the Midland Beach Civic Association, was intended for members of the community to ask questions about MAS and determine whether the mosque would be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Instead, both sides used the opportunity to vent their frustrations; no issues were resolved and some people, shaking with anger, seemed more unsettled than when they arrived.

Members of the community were upset that they knew nothing about the Islamic organization or its intents before the deal was made. Some insisted MAS had an affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, which has known ties to terrorist groups. They were also angered that the church had agreed to make the sale without consulting the community.

This is the rather tame FOX NEWS version.

Robert Spencer locks horns with a Muslim terrorist sympathizer.

Though there were no arrests last night, there were numerous outbursts by the crowd, who often cursed and shouted at one another. While Midland Beach residents called out “liar!” and told MAS officials to “shut up,” representatives from MAS failed to answer some of the questions and their supporters in the audience often yelled out of turn.

At one point, a veteran from Afghanistan challenged both sides. “Will you work to the benefit of the community?” Bill Finnegan asked MAS.  “Yes, absolutely,” came the Muslim response.

“And, to the community, will you work cohesively with the new members for the betterment of the community?”  At that point, the crowd screamed “no!” while hissing and booing.

Memories of 9/11 echoed throughout the meeting.

Toward the end of the meeting, representatives from the civic association called upon community leaders from Brooklyn to talk about their experiences with a mosque there that has been operated by MAS for several years. The crowd became unruly, refusing to let them speak and the civic association abruptly ended the meeting. Mohamed Sadeia, president of the local MAS chapter, appeared disgusted.

“This is our D-Day,” said one angry resident. “We’re here to try to save our neighborhood.” SI LIVE

This is the explosive ‘Staten Island Advance’ version

The crowd isn’t buying the Muslim BS.  Watch the woman ask them why their organization is on the FBI terror watch list? Crazy Commie at the end defends the ‘Arabs.’

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