Why I left Islam

A former Muslim and BNI reader graciously agreed to tell us why he decided to leave Islam. Just call him TA.

[Videos here are testimonies of well-known ex-Muslims]

I researched Islam to be a better muslim and started to study it carefully which led me to Jeruslaem, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. I was shocked to learn some of the teachings of islam/koran and especially the life of mohammad.

I was very disappointed and could not believe what I was learning and studing. I even went to the mosque in Toledo, Ohio to know firsthand and in Cleveland. I became more and more heartbroken, then, frustration, then, anger. I also studied the other relegions but that is a long story. To make it short, I became a Christian based on my research and the evidence of the Bible.

Finally, after many years of research,study, endless nights of reading, I told everyone that Islam was a false religion based on the facts of history, testimony, and I could prove it to all who would ask me. I thought everyone would listen to me and believe as I did. WAS I WRONG!! Instead, they accused me of being paid by some church or some Jews and all kinds of false allegations.

Nevertheless, the more I spoke out, the bolder I became, because I realized that I knew more ( I am no Genius, just did my research ) about Islam than the Imams and religious muslim scholars did. All of my family with the exception of my wife, wanted to basically lynch me and some even tried to injure me with many threats on my life and my children.

Don’t want to bore you all with a long story, but in the end, I have seen the REAL ISLAM being played out before me in my own family and friends which I was unprepared for. Still, I tried to reason with them to no avail. I lost just about all of them as friends but some surprisingly, did listen and have left Islam also ( 5 ) but the vast majority showed me what Islam is in real life, not the life I was used to. Meaning, their true feelings were revealed to me as a Christian by their actions, threats, fights, and too much to even name here.

I came to see mohammad as a false prophet and most likely, the most vile man who ever lived because he misled many of my own who I care/cared deeply for. Today, I love the Jews and Christians who were my sworn enemies all my life, because I see them as equals and God’s children. That is an awful lot as I was raised to hate the Jews and despise the Christians.

Still, the issue must be on eliminating this Demonic Plaque of Islam and try to De-programme the muslims if at all possible. I do care for them but they are decieved and if we don’t stop or slow down this false doctrine, then we will pay the price ultimately. I have hope because I know the “END OF THE STORY”. I hope and Pray that the muslims will leave this religion and find the truth, but sadly, I don’t see that happenning anytime soon.

BTW, I have just learned that I have read much material from Robert Spencer as I looked up some names of the books authore by Robert, and to my surprise, many have had a tremendous impact on my walk as a friend of mine ( Anis Shorosh ) referred me to some of your material and a Missionary friend also. God Bless you and let us not grow weary of doing what is right and just!!!