MUSLIMS plan to spit on returning British troops. AGAIN!

They call themselves the ‘MUSLIMS AGAINST CRUSADES’ and they plan to protest and riot at another homecoming parade for returning heroes from Afghanistan.

We should only be so lucky as to have a real Crusades that would finish the job that the first one didn’t.

From their website: It seems that the Muslim Ummah (nation) have been rendered emotionally insensitive, especially in the west where the Kufr regimes have gathered around as they had gathered in the past, conspiring to destroy and eradicate Islam. (Hopefully)  We can see the same crusader alliances re-emerging today under the guise of freedom and democracy claiming to be peace makers, yet these same peace makes seem to not care about the emotions and feelings of the Muslim nation. (That’s right, we don’t give a hoot about any of you. Why don’t you get the hell out of our countries?)

We have all heard as has the whole world about the insults that have been hurled at our beloved Messenger Muhammad (pbuh), the depicting of his honorable self in the worst forms, the desecrating of the Quran and the vilification of our religion (Actually your death cult).

We have been taken for a mockery, our pride and honor can be insulted under the guise of freedom of expression, yet the mere mention of establishing the Shariah in Britain or in any other European country is opposed to with total disgust, it is deemed outrageous and offensive. (It IS offensive) Any sign of it, is reacted to with harshness and followed with stern actions, we saw how they made laws making it illegal in many European countries to walk on the streets with the niqab (face veil) and anybody that does so is levied with a hefty fine. (Soon being Muslim will be illegal in Europe)

What was their excuse? How did they justify and cover up their hatred for Islam? They came out and said that it was a barrier for communication! Is it not ironic that they find no barrier whilst using the phone? Allah (swt) says: And when it is said to them: “Make not mischief on the earth,” they say: “We only Want to make peace! Verily! They are the ones who make mischief, but they perceive not (EMQ 2:11-12). (CRAP!)

When are we going to wake up? When are we going to realize that this is nothing but to war between truth and falsehood and turning our backs on it will amount to nothing? How long are going to listen to these so called community leaders and Imams telling us not to speak out, that it is not wise nor is it the right time?

O those that claim faith in Allah and love of his messenger rise up and speak out, on Tuesday 15 June 2010 the “Muslims against crusades” have organized a static counter demonstration against a planned parade by returning crusader soldiers, the council have announced that the parade will take place in Barking which is to mark their Freedom of the Borough.

Without a doubt this is another attempt at making a mockery of Islam and the Muslims, what happened to the sensitivity of the Muslim community? The wounds of Afghanistan and Iraq are still fresh and the blood of the Muslims in Gaza till now is running. This parade is nothing but the rubbing of salt on the wounds of the Muslim Ummah and clearly highlights the double standards of the so called peace makers. (Then go back to your hellhole of a country) H/T Logans Warning