AL-JAZEERA continues to perpetuate the lie about starving Palestinians

Take a look at the chubby adults in this video. If there are any starving children in Gaza, it’s because the adults are eating all the food. The al-Jazerra reporter is the only skinny one here.

The World Health Organization has listed people in Gaza and the West Bank as among the most obese in the world, with women ranking #3 (5 places higher than the U.S.) and men ranking #8 for highest obesity rates. I’ve posted this chart before and will continue to do so until the media admit that the Palestinians are not being starved by Israel.

PHOTO ABOVE: Palestinian child chowing down as she holds “Baby Hamas who was injured to keep Israeli babies safe. But don’t get too attached, that’s part of the fun. Your Mommy will cry with you as your Baby Hamas expires!”

More evidence that Gaza and the West Bank are the land of plenty