SHOCKING! U.S. Government considering selling the World Trade Center to Arab Muslim supporters of terrorism

The Government-owned Port Authority of NY & NJ, facing a depressed real estate market, is secretly negotiating with Arab oil moneymen to partially own and fully operate the new One World Trade Center.

Why not? They already own the White House.

One of the final bidders in that confidential if not secret bidding process is a company called “The Related Companies,” a  real estate company in the United States that also happens to be a company which is substantially bankrolled by the most powerful Arab corporate interests in the world.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia each recognized Taliban control of Afghanistan before 9/11. . .9/11 al-Qaeda terrorists trained in Afghan…. 15 of them came from SA & 2 from UAE. 11 hijackers travelled thru Dubai to US and half of the money paid to the hijackers was funnelled through Dubai banks.. . .now aligned as an American partner in the war on terrorism. This month the PANYNJ will select it’s partner on the 1776 foot tower, originally dubbed “Freedom Tower”. . . .The future ownership of this Public Trust is in the hands of political appointees of the Governers of NJ & NY…” H/T herr OYAL

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